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The advantages of choosing in house leadership training

In house training is training that is delivered exclusively to your team, either within your organisation, at the premises of the provider or online. In house leadership training is an alternative form of training to leadership open courses, the main difference being one delivered to your team and the other being open to anyone. There are advantages to both open courses and in house but if you are searching for leadership team training then you should opt for in house, and this is why.

Designed with you in mind

In house courses are adjusted to your specific organisational context. So, we target your pain points. For example, is your team facing a particular challenge? Do your people require a culture shift? Do you want to upskill your whole team rather than an individual? Are you looking to implement faster learning across the organisation?

Rather than an open course, in house leadership training looks to provide a solution by focusing on your context. Your team will learn together. This means shared experience, shared knowledge and a collective understanding of how the training is relevant to them. It is important to understand that in house leadership training is not a fully customised programme, it is the same content as an open course but made relevant to your context.


In house leadership training is exclusive to your team, meaning the facilitator can answer questions relating specifically to your organisation. In other words, it is a confidential space. A team is made up of many different people and personalities, some that may be confident but some that may prefer to not speak out in an open course. In house leadership training allows all participants to feel comfortable as they are training and learning alongside their everyday peers. This can encourage those who would usually not speak out to do so.

The space being entirely confidential to your team also means that the facilitators can answer questions that directly relate to your organisation that you may not be comfortable asking during an open course with people from other organisations listening in.

You decide

Ultimately, the course is in your control – where, when, who and how. Unlike an open course, if a participant cannot make a session, it will go ahead as there will be participants from other organisations that will not/cannot reschedule. Because in house leadership training is training for your team, you decide when your team can take the time off from their usual schedule to all attend the sessions.

You decide where you would prefer the training. If you cannot travel to the venue and the facilitators are unable to travel to you then virtual delivery would suit you. Here at Roffey Park Institute, we choose a facilitator that we believe is the right fit for your organisation and needs. However, if you have a specific facilitator in mind, please let us know – the choice is yours.

In house leadership training improves performance

Use this opportunity to train the whole team rather than the individual, as you would on a regular open course. Possibly the most significant benefit to in house leadership training is that your whole team can learn together. This means you can tackle the problem together, plan to reach your desired goals together, upskill together and learn faster across the organisation together.

Learning together is the best way to create cohesion and shared direction. When every member of the team is signing off the same hymn sheet, the path to success seems to become easier. Sometimes when one person in the team enrols on a training course, they struggle to implement their learning back into their team. In house leadership training allows everyone to understand the end goal and how to get there.

Return on interaction

With economic uncertainty at the forefront of organisational consciousness amongst leaders and managers, cutting costs where possible is important. Thankfully, in house training provides a cost-effective way of team training. Rather than sending one or two participants on an open course, most in house providers, like Roffey Park Institute, offer a reduced price for a larger cohort. If you are considering skills development for 8 people or more, then an in house course is the best choice for you and your team.

Roffey Park Institute’s in house leadership training

From management and leadership training to developing internal business partners, Roffey Park Institute’s in house training enables your people to learn together. Our specialist team delivers real and sustainable impact-driven training relevant to your workplace.

Embrace the advantages of in house leadership training with Roffey Park Institute.

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