Getting the most out of your relationships at work.

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16- 19 May
24 - 27 October

Succeeding in a complex and uncertain world demands great relationship skills. This tried and tested programme provides a rigorous and challenging learning experience. Participants leave with greater emotional intelligence, resilience and behavioural flexibility. They are better able to navigate the interpersonal challenges and ambiguity of organisational life. Their ability to understand, collaborate and partner with others is improved. These are the relationship building skills people need more than ever to thrive in modern day organisations.

Our ability to successfully engage with and relate to others is ultimately influenced by the patterns of behaviours, beliefs and attitudes that shape how we are with them. The Relationships at Work Laboratory provides a live and challenging experience where these patterns and our ability to build effective relationships, or not, are put under the microscope. The laboratory experience is radically different from a standard training course and holds up the possibility of significant change as a result.

Participants use their interactions with each other to create more awareness of how they behave and learn new, improved and more flexible ways of relating and influencing. The programme combines a tried and tested design with a rigorous learning approach.

Why should you attend this programme?

  • Over 90% of participants who have attended have taken action to transform their behaviour and relations with others
  • Develop heightened self-awareness through 360˚ feedback and group feedback
  • Increase your ability to engage with and influence others
  • Gain greater presence, self-confidence and impact
  • Develop a personal understanding of what you need to do to make your relationships more effective


Business benefits

Minimise the impact on the business that relationships that go wrong cost in time, money and stress. Develop people with the ability to successfully influence and engage others leads to more effective relationships within organisations which drive business performance.

A very well structured programme. The programme has given me the insight and tools to improve significantly my performance.

Philip Smart, National Trust

Duration and fees

3.5 days + follow up coaching

Limited Offer – £2,600 + VAT* (normally £3,250 +VAT)

inclusive of all tuition fees, materials, meals and accommodation


* Limited to May 2017 date and for new bookings only

Programme director

Programme director

Andy Smith

MA, BA, Cert Gestalt

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