How to lead with purpose and integrity.

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6 - 9 June

This programme brings together strategic thinking and personal leadership. In an uncertain world, leaders need a clear sense of purpose and direction. They also need to bring that clarity to their organisations if they are to achieve sustainable results. There is a marked difference between thinking and acting operationally, and thinking and acting strategically. Being a strategic leader means that your decisions tend to be more risky, your actions more visible and your achievement of results more complex.

Working with other senior leaders from a range of organisations over ten months, you will pool your experience to address real business issues and see positive results. You will explore new approaches to strategy, learning from organisations that thrive in volatile environments. You will understand the leader’s role in embedding and reinforcing organisational culture and learn how to overcome the challenges of implementing change. By developing your leadership style, you will be able to engage others in turning a vision into reality.

Following the initial residential workshop you will work as part of a learning set. This involves working together in a group of up to six senior leaders with a member of the Roffey Park faculty to develop your strategic thinking while working together on set members’ ‘live’ issues. This process of active questioning and listening improves your thinking on key strategic issues, it enables you to develop within a small group environment where everyone is equal and there is no assessment. The learning set will meet regularly at different organisations, hosted by the set members, enabling you to gain new strategic insights, help put your learning into practice and discover how to fill that strategic leadership space crucial to every organisation’s success.

Why should you attend this programme?

  • Develop self-awareness and confidence as a strategic leader, through 360° feedback and group coaching
  • Find out about the kind of leadership increasingly needed in the 21st century
  • Turn your vision into real business change
  • Understand more about strategy, organisational culture and tools for change
  • Gain insight into the strategies of organisations that thrive in uncertainty and change
  • Visit, and learn from the strategies of, organisations very different from your own
  • Enjoy the challenge and support of working with peers in confidential learning set meetings
  • 93% of past participants would recommend this programme

Business benefits

Participants who have attended this course have been able to stand back and chart the future direction of their business. Many of them have identified ways to improve the bottom line results, including one whose innovative idea was worth over £500,000 to his company.

This programme develops leaders who have a clear sense of direction, who can achieve results and who have a clear understanding of effective ways to implement change.

“I was a participant on the Roffey Park Strategic Leadership programme eight years ago and I am still reaping the benefit. I want the key people in my business to have the same opportunity to develop their thinking, and to understand that they, as leaders, are the key to transformational change”. Read more.

Steve Robertson, Lloyds of London


It was enlightening to think about my core values, which has inspired me to change my approach. I am no longer the manager looking at day to day issues. I am the strategic leader looking ahead and contributing to Group strategy and purpose.

Darren Carr, Rathbone Brothers plc


Wow!  The best learning environment I have ever had the pleasure of. So much will now change – first of all me, my approach and how I think.

Alan Staples, Sodexo UK

Duration and fees

Part 1: 3.5 days
Part 2: 4 separate days over 6-9 months in action learning sets

£6,500 + VAT
inclusive of all tuition fees, materials, meals and accommodation


Programme director

Programme director

Adrian Lock

BSc (Hons), DipTM, DipCoach, MCIPD, CertMed

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