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6-9 December
6 - 9 June

Successful organisations need strategic leaders with a clear sense of purpose, vision and direction, able to inspire and engage their teams to follow them into the unknown.  There is a marked difference between thinking and acting operationally, and thinking and acting strategically. And being a strategic leader is much more than understanding the latest strategic model or tools, it requires you to focus on developing personal leadership and business insight because your decisions tend to be more risky, your actions more visible and your achievement of results more complex.

This programme offers a unique learning experience over a nine month period, for senior leaders to work with other senior business leaders from a variety of sectors and contexts and see positive progress on live business issues.

The first phase is a 3.5 day residential which develops your understanding of the importance of organisational purpose, your ability to lead with strategic agility in an unpredictable world, (learning from those that do this particularly well) and your skill at navigating the complex and political nature of organisations. You will also develop personal insight into your own strategic leadership style through feedback from others.

Following the residential programme, you will work as part of a learning set that will be dedicated towards helping you achieve your own strategic and personal development goals.  Learning sets provide a supportive, open and honest environment for you to develop your strategic thinking and work on live case studies on visits, hosted by set members, to other organisations. These visits provide a rich and rewarding experience unlike other strategic leadership programme.

The final phase of the programme takes place back at Roffey Park where participants will share their strategic learning journeys. It will also include input from experts on two increasingly important topics: leading in a digital world and developing leadership presence.

Why should you attend this programme?

You will:

  • Increase your ability to work with the whole strategic cycle
  • Develop your strategic agility in response to uncertainty
  • Learn from live business issues in organisations very different from your own
  • Be stimulated to think and act differently, and apply this to your own context
  • Be able to lead more confidently and authentically
  • Increase your leadership impact and influence
  • Challenge and enable you to ask big strategic questions of your organisation and yourself.

How do our participants describe their programme experience?

Strategic Leadership – participants’ view


“The programme experience and facilitated environment means that you just delve so much deeper and therefore it is far more insightful and challenging.”


“It’s one of the best programmes I’ve been on.  It was much more about the whole person than your job and I appreciated the opportunity to have the quality time to look at the bigger picture”


Duration and fees

Part 1:  3.5 days residential

Part 2: 3 one-day action learning sets followed by a final day at Roffey Park

Programme takes place over 6-9 months.


£6,500 + VAT
inclusive of all tuition fees, materials, meals and accommodation


Programme director

Programme director

Adrian Lock

BSc (Hons), DipTM, DipCoach, MCIPD, CertMed

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