Getting the most out of your relationships at work.

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13 - 16 November
11 - 14 June

The world of work is often unpredictable, chaotic and ever-changing.  The shift away from hierarchy to flatter structure places greater emphasis on being able to get the job done by building relationships in the workplace and influencing at all levels. When relationships at work go wrong, they cost time, money and cause stress.  The result is unproductive organisations.

Roffey Park’s Relationships and Interpersonal Skills at Work programme has a unique, robust methodology to enable leaders to understand how their behaviour impacts those around them and what they need to do to create demonstrable change in themselves, their team and their organisation. It’s not just another interpersonal skills training course, it’s an immersive, experiential experience like no other.

Course Overview

Relationships and Interpersonal Skills at Work develops your self-awareness and understanding of how you are with other people, your impact on the relationships that you build and how your behaviour and responses affects how people respond to you.

Benefits for Organisations:

On completing Roffey Park’s Relationships and Interpersonal Skills at Work, your leader:

  • Has a heightened self-awareness of their impact on others and knows what to do to make their relationships at work more effective
  • Can build successful relationships in the workplace
  • Has a greater presence and confidence to engage with others
  • Knows how to lead in ambiguity and is more effective at resolving tensions or conflicts
  • Will leave the programme knowing how to read, respond and learn from their interactions at work
  • Knows how to successfully work collaboratively in partnership with others

Benefits for participants:

  • A deep understanding of your impact on others
  • Build your presence, confidence and impact as a leader
  • Know how to have the open, honest conversations required to manage tensions and create behaviour change
  • Clarity of what you need to do to make your relationships more effective
  • Become more politically astute
  • Develop your reading of interpersonal dynamics and practice working through tensions
  • Evolve sophisticated feedback skills


Amazing, unexpected, emotional, beneficial, challenging, revealing, changing. David Ross, Euroclear

I’m not sure I know how to, or that words can really do it justice. Profound, Revelatory, Intense, Fulfilling. They are just the first four adjectives that spring to mind.  Mike Hall, RSPCA

Relationships and Interpersonal Skills at Work – Programme Summary

Relationships and Interpersonal Skills at Work is Roffey Park’s longest running programme and, yet, remains the most relevant in today’s organisations.  The tried and tested design and robust methodology creates a distinctively rigorous learning experience that has a profound impact.

Key features of the programme:

Experiential approach
This programme has a unique learning approach which means we put aside the power point and handouts in exchange for working live with the people around us. We work in large groups, small groups, coaching 1-to-1 and with relevant theory and models to better understand what happens between people. All of this is supported by a team of experienced facilitators.

Highly personalised
Participants use their interaction and contact with other participants as a key source of learning. People are encouraged to share feedback and support and challenge each other to develop against individual learning goals. The personalised benefits are remarkable with no two people reporting the same experience.

Group dynamics
The dynamics of the group interaction mean that participants gain a greater awareness of how they behave in groups, large and small. And how the context of a group can contribute to the complexity of individual relationships. The complex, rich insight that follows has huge benefits to leading teams.

Is this programme for me?

This programme is for you if:

  • You are a middle to senior manager required to develop and influence a wide variety of working relationships both internally and externally
  • You’re a change agent or internal consultant who needs to deliver change and wants to have a greater insight on how to do this by working with the relationships and power dynamics at work.
  • You’re an OD or L&D practitioner, coach or facilitator who wants to experience a group dynamic process that delivers long-lasting learning and impact

image showing participant breakdown

What will you be able to do at the end of the course?

Relationships at Work
You’ll have an increased confidence and depth of understanding on how to build relationships in the workplace, to work with and improve your interpersonal communication skills.

Feedback skills
You’ll develop powerful feedback skills enriching your ability to give and receive feedback in an open, honest and transparent way.

Presence and Impact
You’ll have a greater leadership presence and self-confidence in your ability to lead a high performing team.

Delivery Team

Programme Director: Rachel Rann

Cathy Korn
Suzanne Penn
Andy Smith
Steve Tarpey

To find out more about the programme contact Juliet Batchelor by email or telephone 01293 854059

We can also run this programme as an in-house programme which can be real value-for-money for groups of six or more. To find out more please contact Melissa Green by email or telephone 01293 854055

Programme Outline

Relationships and Interpersonal Skills at Work is a four-day residential programme where there is a clear structure and no prescribed agenda.  The programme design focuses on a range of opportunities for large group sessions, small group work, workshops and one-to-one reflections.

Pre-programme activity
A few days before the programme we will ask you to introduce yourself to your fellow participants and facilitators by posting in our programme forum on Roffey Park’s Learning Platform.  One of our programme facilitators will also call you so that we can understand your needs. Relationships are formed and built remotely and we use these activities to reflect on the similarities and differences in virtual relationships.  Participants also complete a 360 degree feedback process.

The programme begins with a warm welcome and establishes how the group will work together over the next four days.  Participants are asked to introduce themselves to the group sharing their reasons for coming to the programme and then review their 360 degree feedback reports.

Large Group Sessions
Large Group sessions form the backbone of the programme and run to a set start and finish times.  There is no set agenda for these sessions as the conversations are driven by the group process.   The sessions are set around relationships at work – the beginning, developing, exploring and ending of a relationship.  During these sessions participants begin to explore their relationships with others, understand their impact on others, deal with conflict and emotions as well as give and receive feedback.

Small Group Sessions
Participants form small groups and each participant has a session to explore their workplace scenario and receive support from the group. These peer support groups often result in powerful conversations which enable participants to not just reflect on their situation, but to develop creative ways of resolving the challenge they are facing.

Participants are encouraged to keep a journal of reflections over the 4 days.  There is time allocated every morning to capturing thoughts and feelings from the previous day. Developing a reflective practice is essential for today’s leaders and this opportunity starts a habits for many participants that continues long after the programme.

Optional sessions
These sessions are self-selected and tailored to the participant and group’s needs. These can include content on influencing, body language, managing emotions, power and politics, and models for understanding relationships.  Alternatively participants can choose to have one-to-one coaching or simply take time out to reflect.

What you’ll get out of the Relationships and Interpersonal Skills at Work

Relationships and Interpersonal Skills at Work attracts leaders and managers who recognise that their capacity to build and sustain productive relationships at work is pivotal to their success.  The programme is an immersive experience which is memorable, supportive and challenging. As a result participants leave understanding how complex interpersonal dynamics contribute to the way relationships work for them in ways that they had not previously realised.

To find out more about the programme contact Juliet Batchelor by email or telephone 01293 854059

We can also run this programme as an in-house programme which can be real value-for-money for groups of six or more. To find out more please contact Melissa Green by email or telephone 01293 854055

Duration and fees

3.5 days + follow up coaching

£3, 300 + VAT

inclusive of all tuition fees, materials, meals and accommodation




Programme director

Programme director

Rachel Rann

MA(Cantab), PG Dip Leadership and Management

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