Essential skills and personal development for the manager-coach

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10 - 11 July

Coaching is being increasingly used within organisations for a variety of reasons including improving interpersonal skills, supporting staff through change and retaining and developing talent to name just a few. Successful coaching is built on the effectiveness of the relationship developed between coach and individual. The key to this relationship is the self-awareness of the coach: their skills, qualities, personality, beliefs, values and life experience, all of which have an impact. Being sensitive to and aware of this is crucial to the success of the coaching process.

This practical and hands-on programme will help to raise your self-awareness, personal impact and coaching style. During the programme you will be introduced to a range of tools and models to improve your coaching relationships and outcomes, to develop greater confidence and to increase your competence as a coach. A core objective is to ensure you develop your coaching skills enabling you to increase the performance of individuals in your team or others, and through them to the performance of the organisation as a whole.

Following the two day programme, you will receive feedback on your coaching skills, with a one to one telephone coaching session (45 mins) to further embed your learning.

Why should you attend this programme?

  • To improve coaching skills that focus on releasing potential in individuals
  • To explore a range of tools and techniques to improve your coaching
  • To gain greater understanding of your communication, attitudes and impact as a coach
  • To improve self-awareness and gain feedback on your coaching style
  • To gain a better understanding of non-directive and directive approaches to coaching
  • To consider tackling performance issues using a coaching model
  • To gain personal development as a manager-coach

Right pace, right mix of taught and practical. No powerPoint – fabulous.

Debbie Mead

Duration and fees

2 days plus 45 minute telephone coaching follow up

£1,950 + VAT

inclusive of all tuition fees, materials, meals and accommodation

Programme director

Programme director

Andy Firth

BA (Hons), PGDip, NVQ4

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