Developing skills of influence, assertion and confidence.

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17 - 20 July
23 - 26 October

Our effectiveness and performance at work is related to how we work with other people. Especially for managers, technical competence and formal authority are rarely enough. Our effectiveness comes from how well we know and manage ourselves in our working relationships, as well as how others perceive us; our credibility, reputation, and how well we influence.

Roffey Park’s Personal Effectiveness and Power programme has for decades been helping managers develop the self-awareness, confidence, clarity of purpose and communication skill to enhance their personal effectiveness.

This highly experiential programme helps participants to develop a focussed self-understanding and a range of skills to strengthen their effectiveness in workplace relationships. By exploring the influencing process and developing flexible influencing styles and communication strategies, participants emerge ready to harness their personal power in the workplace as leaders and developers of others.

Why should you attend this programme?

  • Develop an understanding of the range of skills and choices available to you to improve your influencing skills.
  • Gain an increased confidence and ability to deal with challenging situations and relationships
  • Demonstrate greater ability to gain buy-in from others and create the impact you want through increased personal presence and power
  • Increase your understanding of organisational politics and knowing who to influence and how in the context of your organisation

The programme design includes the use of individual workshops which gives each participant space and time to focus on their specific needs.


Business benefits

Organisational performance and individual performance relies on personal effectiveness, communication ability, and effective working relationships. That in turn requires the well developed self-awareness, understanding of our impact on others, personal presence, and influencing skills which this programme helps develop.

Having the influencing skills and communication strategies to effectively deal with a range of situations improves individuals’ effectiveness in their role. More effective relationships to enhance performance of teams and hence better performing organisations Managers’ increased understanding of themselves and their impact on others leads to more influential behaviours.

Fantastic! It has been a revealing and challenging 4 days; your thoughts, behaviours and actions are challenged to instil greater self-awareness in order to be successful.

Claire Fearn, Welcome Trust

Hugely positive. I was supported and challenged, in equal measure and at the appropriate times. I learnt a lot about myself and picked up some practical tools that I was able to apply immediately to help me overcome specific challenges that I’d been grappling with for a while, as well as feeling more confident in a range of scenarios.  An excellent learning experience in a fantastic environment.

 Rob Burley, Clore Social Leadership

A very positive experience. I have learned a lot about myself and some changes that can be made to the way I adapt myself in the workplace.

Matthew Hier, Legal and General Group plc.

The programme has been eye opening for me on so many levels. Not only through what I went through but what the all the others experienced. It was the most relaxed and comfortable I have felt on a training course or in a group of people, that do not know each other.
There were a lot of valuable insights I gained during the four days. Most of them will be useful to me in this job or any future ones, but most importantly I think all will be helpful in my life in general.

Dobrin Neyko, Money Advice Service

Duration and fees

4 days

 £3,300+ VAT

inclusive of all tuition fees, materials, meals and accommodation



Programme director

Programme director

Ken Ingram


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