Developing the skills and knowledge for effective organisational development practice.

Programme details


ODP 27
All 3 Modules
Module 1
28 - 30 November
Module 2
13 - 15 February 2018
Module 3
22 - 24 May 2018
ODP 28
All 3 Modules
Module 1
20 - 22 March
Module 2
12 - 14 June
Module 3
18 - 20 September

In today’s fast paced, ever changing business environment, an organisation’s ability to respond is key to survival and success. It is not the ‘organisation’ however that chooses when, why or how to respond, it’s the people within it.

Organisation Development (OD) is a route towards achieving this. Practising OD in organisations means balancing economic growth with human systems perspectives, building an agile, resilient and emotionally intelligent workforce, promoting compassionate, ethical and sustainable leadership and organisational practices, and having a clear sense of purpose.

Our highly practical in-depth programme will equip you with a core understanding of what OD is, with practical OD tools and techniques; it will improve your skills and provide you with greater awareness of self and group process. We achieve this by balancing theory and practice – using your real world situations as the starting point for deep learning.

The programme consists of 3 x 3 day residential modules:

  1. OD at the individual level
  2. OD at the group level
  3. OD at the organisational level

Why should you attend this programme?

  • Build your confidence and impact as an OD practitioner
  • Increase your self awareness by identifying strengths and development needs in relation to a set of OD practitioner capabilities
  • Broaden your knowledge of the history and roots of OD practice
  • Develop a systemic approach to identifying OD needs
  • Learn new tools to gather data and intervene effectively in organisational systems
  • Improve your knowledge of group dynamics and their impact on your OD practice
  • Increase your knowledge of organisational design
  • Learn to apply participative approaches to complex change


Graduate Certificate in Organisational Development

We offer a Graduate Certificate in Organisational Development to participants who, as part of the programme wish to complete a number of pieces of work to consolidate and validate their learning and the development of their University of Sussex logoOD practice. Participants will need to attend four Learning Set meetings (1 day each) after the end of the third module and produce work of approx. 5000 words to qualify for the Graduate Certificate. The Graduate Certificate in Organisational Development is validated by the University of Sussex.

Business benefits

Effective OD within organisations can lead to highly successful change programmes, but this success is driven by people who understand OD and who have all the tools and techniques available to successfully influence and communicate with people in a range of situations. Our in-depth approach develops effective OD Practitioners who can bring this to your organisation.

Fantastic experience, it really pushed boundaries which I did not know were there, in a supportive environment.

James Hunt- Davies, Senior HR Business Partner- Global Purchasing, Jaguar Land Rover 

I have gained confidence, a sense of my own purpose and a variety of useful tools to draw upon, as well as a new network of people from my cohort.

Kirsty Beaumont, Partner, Ernst and Young

Having some fundamental theoretical underpinning has given me more confidence as an OD Practitioner.

Rich Hodge, Halfords Ltd

Duration and fees

3 x 3 day modules

We recommend that you attend all modules in order, unless you are experienced in OD. Modules can be booked individually, to do so please email us.

£7, 200 + VAT for all three modules. Each module is available separately at £2,400 + VAT.

Fees are inclusive of all tuition fees, materials, meals and accommodation

Graduate Certificate in OD:
£2,650 + VAT

4 x 1 day learning sets

Programme director

Programme director

Cindy Cox

MSc, BA (Hons)