Leading yourself and others through the practical and emotional change challenges

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21 - 23 February

Leading Change is a fundamental part of a being a manager and leader.

Ask any leader what change they are currently sponsoring, leading and managing, and they are likely to list changing culture, values, strategy, structure, people, processes etc. etc. etc. Ask any manager what change they are currently trying to implement, and they are likely to have a similarly long list of teams, processes, behaviours. Change can be engaging, energising, and inspiring. And also be tiring, frustrating, and disruptive, not only for those on the end of it, but also those responsible for leading and managing it.

Change is about creating new ways of working and behaviours, whilst giving up familiar methods and ‘mind-sets’, with uncertainty and ambiguity in between. Leaders and managers need to be able to use a variety of tools and techniques to support themselves and their teams through the technical and emotional challenges of change.

This practical programme explores planned and emergent approaches to change. It considers how complex, adaptive organisational systems respond to change, and how individuals psychologically respond to change. It develops your knowledge and skills in influencing, managing conflict, using power, and political awareness. The programme then supports you to integrate these insights into your leadership style. Throughout the programme you will apply your learning to your current change challenges.

This programme is suitable for anyone tasked with leading and managing change, whether you do or don’t have “change leader”, “change manager”, “change agent” or not in your job title. Previous participants have included Head of HR And OD, Director of Operations, Senior Talent and Development Consultant, Director – People & Performance

Why should you attend this programme?

  • Explore a range of change approaches and techniques to use in leading complex change
  • Increase your awareness of how you and others respond to change, at an individual, team and system level
  • Learn to adapt your change leadership to emerging issues
  • Develop your confidence as a leader and initiator of change
  • Apply different change approaches to your current change challenges

Business Benefits

Organisations are continually changing, as customers, suppliers, markets, and technology change. Leaders need to be able to initiate and steer organisational change projects through the uncertainty that change often triggers. Managers need to be able to translate broad organisational change initiatives into practical change programmes for their teams and support people with the uncertainty that can arise. Crucially, managers and leaders recognize that change just ‘is’; it is ever present and something to be attended to as a core function of their role.

Successful change leaders and managers maximise the benefits from change projects, and minimise the inevitable bumps in any change journey. This programme supports and challenges you to do this effectively.

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I have identified very clear areas to challenge myself and to improve my vulnerable areas. A sound underpinning of methodologies to inform my approach and decision making. It opened the question and made me consider what kind of leader I want to be.

Jessica Kirbell, Heathrow Airport

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Duration and fees

3 days

£2,300 +VAT
inclusive of all tuition fees, materials, accommodation and meals.

Programme director

Programme director

Sue Binks

MSc, BSc

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