Making change work: the skills required to deliver lasting change

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This is the world of change. It can offer opportunity. It stimulates creativity and energy. But initially, it can also feel disconcerting, causing people to become less confident and self-absorbed. Change is about creating a new mind-set: it involves giving up what we may love, taking on what is difficult, and feeling uncertain and awkward in the middle. It can be exciting. It can offer opportunity. It stimulates creativity and energy.

Managers must deploy a range of strategic, planning and interpersonal skills to demonstrate what is needed and move people through the emotional and technical challenges of change.

This programme focuses on the aspects of the management role that are essential to lead and deliver high quality and lasting change initiatives. Firstly, actively responding so that people recognise the need for change and the way to achieve it, and secondly, understanding, influencing, adapting and delivering the business outcomes that evidence the change.

Why should you attend this programme?

  • Increasing effectiveness in your central role as the link between strategic direction, change and operations.
  • Greater ability to join in and influence change planning.
  • Confidence to provide direction and clarity for others.
  • Enhanced political acumen and understanding of skills to navigate the pitfalls of change.

Business benefits

The world is in constant flux. Organisations need to respond quickly and decisively when they find their markets changing, their stakeholders making new demands, or their technologies becoming outdated. To do this they need people who can deliver effective change that lasts and tangible results.

A new perspective on how to approach managing changes within my business.

Duration and fees

3 days

£2,300 +VAT
inclusive of all tuition fees, materials, accommodation and meals.

Programme director

Programme director

John Woodward-Roberts

MA Management Learning, CMCIPD

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