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Digital. It means different things to so many people. In organisational and business terms, the increasing need for a digital strategy, digital transformation and greater focus engaging with multiple channels adds to the scope and pressure for leaders.

There has always been a gap between advances in technology and the ability of social processes of organisations to cope; digital makes that gap wider, faster. The implications are profound, not least because digital respects no boundaries. The need to make sense of organisational culture, and to influence it, is more important than ever, and the demands placed on managers and leaders are evolving. For those in leadership positions, these are some of the questions they face today:

  • What does ‘digital’ mean?
  • What is a ‘digital mindset’?
  • Do I need to develop one?
  • What are the strategic implications?
  • What is ‘digital maturity’?
  • How do I remain credible as a leader?
  • What does digital require of me that is different?

This programme seeks to address these questions and more.

Why should you attend this programme?

  • Develop a greater understanding of the competencies and mindset that digital leadership requires
  • Understand the impact of key technological shifts on the practices of leadership and management, and more broadly on social processes
  • Develop greater resilience and adaptability in the face of increasing disruption and pace of human and human-computer interaction

Through working with other leaders and managers, peer feedback and self-reflection, you will develop a clearer picture of what digital means to you and your organisation, and how this relates to your existing style and behaviours. With this awareness, you will be supported and challenged to translate your learning into action when you return to your workplace.


Euan Semple: guest facilitator and speaker

euan-sempleWe will be joined for part of the programme by Euan Semple. One of the pioneers of social tools in business, Euan Semple now helps people make the best use of these tools in improving their lives and the world around them.  An international speaker, and author of Organizations Don’t Tweet – People Do, he has worked with organisations as diverse as The United Nations, The World Bank, KPMG, BP and BUPA. Euan will help you make sense of the ever increasing pace of the world, because he understands that the core basics remain the same: community, learning, and interaction. He is a master story–teller who offers a host of practical tales about how real people can have real conversations with things that really matter to them.

Brilliant, open, honest and caring to our needs. I love coming to Roffey, the location is perfect, the facilitators are excellent and I love the whole pace of learning.

Steve Agnew, B&CE Benefit scheme


I wasn’t sure what the ‘digital age’ is – but have left with clarity about the questions I want to ask to help my organisation consider both the leadership and cultural implications.

Beverley Petrossian, Skipton Building Society


Great to focus on leadership and digital, with a special focus on social media ,with Euan Semple. Thank you for such a stimulating and useful learning experience.

Nick Wright, Action on Hearing Loss

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Duration and fees

3 days + half day virtual learning set (date to be agreed during the programme)

£2,800 + VAT

inclusive of all tuition fees, materials, meals and accommodation


Programme director

Programme director

Steve Hearsum


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