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16-19 May
Part One
31 October - 1 November
Part Two
21 - 22 November

The traditional command and control structure is still very prevalent, despite growing demands in organisations for collaborative working – where leaders, managers and their teams have responsibility to make and enact decisions.   Digital changes and new organisational forms designed to increase the capacity for people to collaborate – to harness the intelligence, knowledge and commitment of everyone – have struggled with recent studies suggesting most revert back to command and control within a few years.  To prevent this, organisations need to create a culture that enables their people to be efficient and innovative at the same time – to learn and perform simultaneously.

Clear leadership is a unique leadership programme which enables leaders to do just that – to understand how to lead learning in the midst of performing – and not just how to lead performance.

By embodying the skills of clear leadership, participants will understand how to create learning conversations in which people clear out the mush, learn from their collective experience and build partnerships that lead to sustainable, high performing organisations.

This is a rare opportunity to work with Clear Leadership creator, Dr Gervase Bushe, professor, consultant and author of Clear Leadership: Sustaining Collaboration and Partnership at Work. The Clear Leadership course is delivered in 10 different languages around the world and has helped thousands understand and take on the challenge of creating truly collaborative relationships in all parts of their lives.

Why you should attend this programme

You will:

  • understand what partnership is and why it’s the core of collaboration at work
  • learn how to learn from collective experiences
  • gain knowledge of the Clear Leadership model and how to apply this to your context
  • enhance your self-awareness and acquire practical skills which will provide clearer communication in your work and personal relationships.

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I though that this could be ‘just another one’ of those leadership programmes. It wasn’t. It has and will be really useful and change how I think about myself and leadership.

Victoria Foy, Safran Nacelles Ltd.



Duration and fees

4 days

Limited to 14 participants

£3,100 + VAT

Fees are inclusive of all tuition fees, materials, meals and accomodation


Programme director

Programme director

Gervase Bushe


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