A masterclass from Corporate Rebels getting under the skin of what this means for leaders and those that follow

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4 July

In a society where individualism and self-promotion are increasingly prevalent, alongside a difficult economic climate where good jobs are hard to find, where there is increasing stress and pressure and where budgets are tight – is there a place for meaning at work in the 21st century?

Most of our lives are spent at work.  We all need to find meaning and purpose and this isn’t just defined by how much we earn, our status or career progression.  As leaders in organisations, we need to find ways of creating a meaningful work environment despite a challenging market environment, so where do we start?

Back by popular demand, the latest event in our OD series features a more in-depth masterclass with Joost Minnaar and Pim de Morree from Corporate Rebels who will share their experience of helping people and organisations to create more engaging workplaces.  After quitting their frustrating corporate roles in 2015, they set out to visit the world’s most inspiring organisations and meet with leading thinkers and practitioners to understand how to create greater meaning at work.

Pim and Joost will spend the first half of the day sharing their stories and experience after their visits  to over 60 organisations, leaders and thinkers such as Patagonia, Spotify, Buurtzorg, Zappos, Simon Sinek, and Frederic Laloux. .  They will outline what they have learned about meaning in the workplace, the nature of 21st century organisations, their people and what this means for senior leaders as well as practitioners in HR, OD and L&D.

In the afternoon, facilitated by Pim, Joost and Steve Hearsum (Roffey Park), participants will have the opportunity to work together in small groups to make sense of what they have learned, to share their own experiences and questions and develop their thoughts on how their own practice and/or organisations might be ripe for change.

Participants will gain:

  • A greater understanding of purpose-driven organisations and leaders
  • A greater sense of what it’s like to get underneath the rhetoric of meaning at work and what it actually means to put theory into practice
  • The opportunity to hear an intergenerational and global perspective on organisation purpose and meaning

About the Speakers

Joost Minnaar

After his Master studies in Eindhoven (Netherlands) and Barcelona, Joost started working for a large multinational corporation as a Nanotechnologist. Working on the development of radically new technologies, he was doing what he loved. But over time, the organization he worked in got in the way of the passion for his work. After having seen many of his colleagues leave the company for various reasons, he decided he didn’t want to continue working like this. He quit his job and, together with Pim, started their search as Corporate Rebels.

Pim de Morree

Pim got his Master degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Science. After working for over 2 years in a quickly growing multinational company, he too became frustrated with the outdated way of organizing. The organization got more and more in the way of the people in it. The belief that better ways of organizing were out there, made Pim quit his job and start the search to inspiring workplaces together with Joost. As Corporate Rebels, they are now searching for solutions to the widespread problem of employee disengagement, meaningless work, and outdated operating models.


Timings and fees

9.30 am to 4.30 pm

£299 +VAT per person

£250 +VAT per person – charity/education sector