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7 September
12 February 2019

How can we lead our organisations through change and uncertainty?

If you’re a leader in an organisation, the answer to this question will be one that you’re likely to be grappling with.  And whilst the temptation is to reduce uncertainty and increase predictability, this approach is unlikely to succeed.

In partnership, Roffey Park and the University of Sussex Business School are bringing together a mix of academics, experts and business leaders to explore what uncertainty means for organisations and to create the space and opportunity to share approaches for tackling uncertainty as well as strengthening individual and organisational resilience.

This conference aims to be a catalyst for shared, collective action to improve the capability of leaders and their organisations to deal with uncertainty and change.

What you’ll get from the day

During this one day conference, we will explore:

  • The sources of uncertainty for businesses, particularly in SE England
  • Latest research thinking on issues contributing to and dealing with uncertainty
  • How to improve organisational agility by strengthening individual and organisational resilience
  • Pragmatic stories and learning that you can put into practice immediately.

Conference Programme


– Adrian Lock, Senior Consultant,  Roffey Park and Professor Steven McGuire, Head of School of Business, University of Sussex Business School

Panel discussion: What’s Making Life Uncertain?

  • Christian Heegar, Director of Audit, Grant Thornton
  • Michael Gasorick or Alan Winters, Professor of Economics, UK Trade Policy Observatory
  • Anya Ledwith, Interim Chief Executive, Gatwick Diamond Business Association
  • Sian Harrington, Editorial director and co-founder, The People Space

Panel Moderator: Simon Fanshawe

Workshop Sessions :Participants can choose three subjects from across the workshop sessions

Session one

  • Realigning strategy in a changing work environment
  • Assessing and improving your organisations resilience
  • Attracting new workforce

Session two:

  • The impact of uncertainty on diversity and inclusion
  • Adaptive change
  • Realigning strategy in a changing work environment

Session three:

  • The impact of uncertainty on diversity and inclusion
  • The impact of AI maybe uncertain – what does this mean for your workplace?
  • Attracting new work force


How can we lead our organisations in uncertain times: an open space Session to explore stories and actions
– Tom Kenward, Senior Consultant, Roffey Park

Keynote  – Tackling Uncertainty: Our Story
– Joanna Hunter, Chief Executive, Piglets Pantry

Closing thoughts

– Adrian Lock, Senior Consultant, Roffey Park and Professor Hans Van Der Heijden, Deputy Head of Business School, University of Sussex Business School.


Timings and fees


7 September 2018 – 9 am to 5 pm – at Roffey Park

12 February 2019 – 9 am – 1 pm – at University of Sussex



£120 + VAT per person


Fee includes a one-day conference at Roffey Park and a follow-up session at the University of Sussex Business School

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