Masterclass with Corporate Rebels

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10 October

This one-day workshop with Corporate Rebels will dive deeper into the world of self-managed organisations by exploring the impact of these on organisational culture.  Sessions will cover:

  • Self-management – forms, roles, performance measures and other components of self-management in teams, departments and whole organisations, with examples from Corporate Rebels’ experiences around the globe
  • Why self-manage? Values-driven decision, strategic-imperative, pragmatic reality? Why do teams or organisations self-manage and how does that influence their success?
  • Why is/might your team or organisation self-manage? what is driving that interest? what are you hoping self-management will do for you? what are the aims?
  • What are the limits of self-management? Where does self-management mostly go wrong? And how to overcome these barriers? What makes it work with examples from Corporate Rebels

Participants will join our current MSc cohort to work through real-life self-management issues, presented by the group, to create a powerful inquiry with practical outputs. In the first half of the day, Corporate Rebels will share their learning on what forms of self-management work in what type of organisational environments.  In the afternoon, the group will self-organise around issues brought from the group to share experiences and learning.

This event is for you if:

  • You have attended a previous Corporate Rebels event and want to get underneath the rhetoric of self-management and understand the impact on culture
  • You are an HR/OD professional responsible for developing your organisational culture or work in a self-managed team or organisation

About Corporate Rebels

Joost Minnaar, Pim de Morree, Freek Ronner and Catelijne Bexkens, are The Corporate Rebels, a consultancy firm, on a mission to make work more fun.  They that set out to find and learn from the world’s most progressive organisations including well-known names such as Spotify, Google and Patagonia to lesser-known organisations that organise work in radically different ways.

Timings and fees

10 October 2018

from 9:30 am to 3.00 pm


£299 +VAT per person

Not-for-Profit sector: £250 +VAT per person

MSc Alumni: £200 +VAT per person