Together we can create compassionate workplaces for the benefit of all

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11-12 December (Residential option)
Full - waiting list available
11-12 December (Non-Residential option)

How can we build better, healthier, more productive workplaces?

If you are senior leader in an organisation, the answer to this question will be one that you’re likely to be grappling with. Latest figures for UK productivity show that it is still languishing below what it was before 2007 and continues to fall short when compared to other advanced industrialised nations. And while efforts to improve productivity levels tend to focus on a systems/processes perspective, we believe that there is another dimension at play; the human dimension – and for this to have the greatest impact requires compassion in the workplace.

Right now, if you search the phrase ‘compassion at work’ on the internet you will find numerous articles calling for more compassionate workplaces. And whilst we recognise the value of compassion in our personal lives, there is a marked tendency for many of us to “leave it at the door” when we enter our workplaces.

But there is a significant shift in thinking taking place, with more and more studies from across the world proving that applied compassionate leadership development and/or compassion training produce positive organisational outcomes in terms of improved customer – or patient care – as well as better engagement and enhanced productivity.

As the UK heads into a period of considerable turmoil we need to deploy all the strengths we have to meet existing and future challenges. We believe that compassionate leadership is an essential part of making our society a better place and our economy more resilient.   You can access a range of resources on Compassion at Work from our website including our research report and online tool which provides a personalised report of how you see your own level of compassion at work as well as practical tips to improve or enhance your approach.

At this ground-breaking conference, and over the course of two days, we’re bringing together a mix of experts, practitioners and senior leaders to explore a variety of topics connected to the overarching theme of compassion in the workplace.

We will explore:

  • The importance of compassionate leadership in the 21st century workplace
  • How organisations across all sectors are developing compassionate workplace cultures
  • The connections between compassion, wellbeing and mental health
  • Compassion in the business world, in the public and health sectors and in the not-for-profit sector
  • How compassionate leadership builds trust and safety, which leads to improvements in both health and productivity
  • How compassionate workplaces can create a wealth (wellness and health) dividend which extends beyond organisations into families and communities
  • Where do we go from here? What next for compassion in organisations?

Who is the conference aimed at?

This conference is aimed at senior leaders and HR professionals across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

This conference is a unique opportunity to participate in a ground-breaking movement towards more compassionate workplaces. Places are limited.

Timings and fees

11-12 December 2017

Starts at 12.00 pm on 11 December and finishes at 12.45 pm on 12 December.

Residential Fee

£230.00 per person +VAT

This fee includes materials, lunch, tea and coffee as well as overnight accommodation and dinner on 11 December

Non-Residential Fee

£100.00 per person +VAT

This fee includes materials, lunch, tea and coffee

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