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Work is so very different today than s in previous decades.  There’s been a surge in globalisation and migration and, with a relaxation of international trade barriers, many organisations are no longer operating in their home market.  This means organisations are increasingly diverse, multi-generational comprising  people from  different cultures and organisations with a range of expertise and competences.

Digital technology makes us more connected with colleagues across the world in an instant and therefore teams need to be able to work routinely with colleagues whoever and wherever  they are.  Matrix working is rapidly becoming part of everyday life with collaboration replacing the traditional command and control structures.

And this is a challenging place for leaders.  They need to deliver results as well as being able to hold the many tensions associated with managing shared resources, joint accountability, competing agendas and collaborative decision-making.  To succeed they need to view their roles, not just as authority figures, but as:

  • OD managers: building strong, trusting teams and providing the conditions for effective collaboration
  • Negotiators: managing resource conflicts and creating clarity
  • Stakeholder managers: ensuring their teams have the support of key people within the business, securing access to resources and protecting them from competing organisational priorities
  • Networkers and relationship managers

How can organisations develop effective matrix working and collaboration?

Based on Roffey Park’s research into collaboration and matrix working, this session aims to cover:

  • Why some organisations are better at operating within a matrix than others
  • The key organisational, leadership and individual enablers of success
  • How to develop your leaders to work effectively in a matrix environment


jo-goring2Jo Goring, Senior Consultant – Roffey Park





juliaJulia Wellbelove, Senior Researcher – Roffey Park





Who should attend?

This session is suitable for leaders as well as senior HR or OD professionals who are responsible for leadership development at an organisational level.  All participants will receive a copy of Roffey Park’s research report – Living in a Matrix.

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