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Enhancing productivity through compassionate leadership

In a quest for greater productivity, organisations have placed all sorts of processes and procedures in the spotlight while at the same time attributing a prolonged lack of productivity growth in the UK to under-investment and other factors.   But they’re missing a trick by overlooking the human dimension of productivity – understanding the dynamics of work and the relationships we have with our managers and colleagues.

One thing we’re desperately lacking is more compassion at work. Some may say that they are too busy to be compassionate or there are more important things to think about.  Above all, the idea of being compassionate is often equated as being ‘soft’ or ‘weak’.  But the business benefits are very real as our recent research paper – Compassionate Leadership – found that compassionate workplaces:

  • Fostered engagement and strengthened staff retention
  • Led to greater discretionary effort and improved productivity
  • Improved individual and organisational wellbeing
  • Led to improved customer experiences and financial results

How can you develop compassion in your organisation?

This session outlines new insights and practical tools which will help you to:

  • Explore the role of compassion in the workplace and how leaders can reposition compassion in a way that is meaningful, actionable and delivers results
  • Assess your own levels of compassion with a personalised report using Roffey Park’s Compassionate at Work Index tool
  • Discuss practical approaches to foster compassion, drawing on examples from groups and organisations around the world who are developing more caring, kinder and more humane work environments


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Who should attend?

This session is suitable for leaders as well as senior HR or OD professionals who are responsible for leadership development at an organisational level.  All participants will be given the opportunity to complete Roffey Park’s Compassion at Work Index and receive a personalised report and will receive a copy of Roffey Park’s research paper – Compassionate Leadership.


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