A Masters qualification for experienced coaches.

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Coaching has become increasingly used within organisations to provide a learning experience for leaders and managers where complexity and change is ever increasing. Having to hold situations where no clear solution is immediately evident is often stressful for managers who historically deal with the certainty of process and outcome. Coaching can offer a broadening of perspectives, a holding and exploring of the unknown to allow practical solutions to emerge. For a coach to reach this level of skill requires them to have reached a high level of personal awareness and a rigorous and substantial level of knowledge and experience.

Organisations are often looking to develop coaching within by creating a pool of expert coaches who, as well as coaching senior team members, can also develop other managers and leaders coaching skills.

Why should I do a qualification in coaching?

  • It will offer you an improved ability to influence senior leaders at a time when they are dealing with increased complexity, business uncertainty, as well as the ability to work alongside them, therefore contributing to the value creation of the business.
  • For personal development.
  • For overall improved credibility.
  • For improved commissioning/sourcing external coaching providers.
  • To understand the market place and practice.
  • To be less reliant on external providers.
  • To drive down cost by building internal capability (culture of coaching).

Why Roffey Park?

  • We bridge the gap between academic rigour and practice based learning.
  • We are a specialist in developing developers.
  • We offer an adult learning style.
  • We offer an exciting community of learners and the ability to work with interesting peers.
  • We are able to cater for individual learning needs allowing you to integrate your learning authentically.
  • We bridge the gap of individual and organisational wellbeing and performance and sustainable performance and well-being.
  • We offer solid, but eclectic theory based learning.
  • You will be working with leading, challenging, and practicing coaches and practitioners at Roffey Park.

How is the programme structured?

Structure of PGCert Coaching

As well as attendance at modules and sets,  you will also be expected to coach clients (normally a minimum of 30 hours over the course of the programme); be coached (normally a minimum of 15 hours); and finally undertake supervision in keeping with good professional practice (normally a minimum of 10 hours). This is to ensure you get a solid grounding in the practical side of coaching and have the opportunity to integrate their theoretical knowledge with their demonstrated practice.

Self-managed learning

The Postgraduate Certificate, as with all Roffey Park’s qualification programmes, is unique in that it has no predetermined syllabus for participants to follow. Instead they are guided by a framework of Self-managed learning which allows participants to determine what they want to learn and how they are going to learn it, with others, in the context and framework of their organisation’s needs and to the standards required of a particular qualification.

After module 2, participants form a learning set which is a group of up to six people who will challenge and support each other throughout the programme. A set adviser, usually a member of Roffey Park’s faculty, is then allocated to each learning set. Once part of a learning set participants create their own learning Contract, in line with their development needs, and they meet regularly throughout the programme to assess and evaluate each other’s achievements.

Although there are no formal exams, each participant has to compile a portfolio of work which shows evidence that they have met the criteria set out in their Learning Contract. This method of peer assessment is definitely not an easy option as members of the Learning Set are often tougher on themselves than any external examiners. The academic rigour of Roffey Park’s postgraduate certificate is recognised through validation by the University of Sussex.

What does working in a set involve?

The learning set is a vital component of the programme.  You will be working in a set of up to 6 people plus a Set Adviser – a member of Roffey Park’s tutorial staff. Normally, you stay in the same set over the whole of the programme. The set meets monthly at a venue agreed by the set. The set’s role is to provide a forum for support or challenge where set members:

  • agree standards.
  • discuss and agree their learning objectives.
  • assess each others work.
  • explore issues around their learning, both in terms of content, and the experience of working together.

What will I have to produce?

You will produce a portfolio of work covering your experience, theory and practice learnt and how this impacts you as a coach and your coaching. This will be in the form of:

  • a seminar paper on a topic of your choice or a comprehansive learning log.
  • a coaching case study.
  • a linking document/presentation which summarises your learning journey over the duration of the Postgraduate Certificate.
  • evidence of coaching, being coached and supervision.

During the final module you will take part in assessed coaching sessions.

What you will gain

  • Continue to advance your knowledge and understanding and develop new skills to a high level.
  • The ability to deal with complex issues both systematically and creatively and make sound judgements when faced with ambiguity and uncertainty.
  • The ability to demonstrate self-direction, autonomy, and originality in tackling and solving problems, in planning your development and integrating your learning into your practice as a coach.
  • A qualification in coaching validated by the University of Sussex.

How do I apply?

You will need to complete an application form and will be required to go through our assessment process which may include:

  • participation in an interview with tutors/course director.
  • an assessed coaching session with one of our tutors.
  • an online critical thinking test.

What are the entry criteria?

Ideally you should have:

  • some relevant experience.
  • a track record of achievement and development.
  • the commitment, motivation and resilience to pursue, enjoy and complete the programme.
  • a curiosity about Self-managed learning.
  • the opportunity to apply theory to coaching practice.

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