Bucket and Spade List – Part 2


July 31st, 2019

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The second part of our Summer Bucket List sees an ecelctic mix of Scandinavian Pop, a classic Dialogic text and UK Grime!

We hope you enjoyed the first instalment and it gave you food for thought around people development and leadership. Our selection continues to pluck from different genres whilst still offering a human centred perspective around people, development and leadership.



1     READ  – How to do things with words  by J L Austin– One for the dedicated reader of all things dialogue, or for those with an interest in the need for clarity in language and meaning. – Suggested by Dr Robert Coles

2     LISTEN – High Five by Sigrid.  Ever found yourself in an relationship or organisation where everyone says “yes” to the Boss?  This one is for you – Suggested by Sarah Prior-Jones

3     WATCH – 5 Ways Women Limit Themselves at Work – from BBC Ideas.  Great insight for all.-  Suggested by Nigel Dean

4     LISTEN –  Crown – by Stormzy.  “Heavy is the head that wears the Crown” you get the idea! – Suggested by Ana Karakusevic

5     READ – Blink, The Power of Thinking without Thinking – By Malcolm Gladwell.  This book is all about those moments when we “know” something without knowing why. – Suggested by Dr Sue Binks



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