Digital Learning for resilience and leadership

Introducing NAVIGATOR™

Roffey Park NAVIGATOR™ is a three phase process of discovery and development that:

  • Stabilises teams and organisations
  • Develops personal, interpersonal and organisational resilience
  • Energises productivity and confidence
  • Revitalises community and inclusiveness

It’s a digital learning process bringing you assistance, learning, sharing and resilience, as you journey from what was normal to what will be normal for you and your colleagues in the future. Working together, people can overcome anything. This is what NAVIGATOR™ is all about; Stabilising, Energising and Revitalising our work, our resilience, our purpose. One step at a time.

As leaders and managers, it is up to us to respond, to connect our people to purpose and focus. We also need to think creatively and work strategically to build resilient organisations for the future. The only thing we can be sure of is that there is no going back.

At Roffey Park Institute, we help organisations develop and deepen resilience for the benefit of everyone in the workplace. It’s what we set out to do 75 years ago. It is what we still do. This is why we created the NAVIGATOR™ Programme, to help you plot a course through the crisis: Stabilised, Energised and Revitalised for the new future.

NAVIGATOR™ is designed to working alongside the complexity you are juggling right now.

  • This is a step by step process
  • It is a carousel design, meaning you can come and go as you need to
  • You can book individuals, or you can book entire teams
  • Or we can organise in-house bespoke versions for your organisation
  • You only buy what you use
  • You only use what you need
  • You don’t have to buy into the entire process

You NAVIGATE your way.

Programme Overview

View our brochure to find out more about NAVIGATOR™  or contact us:

In the UK:

Telephone +44 (0)1293 854042 or email

In Ireland:

Telephone +353 (0)87 188 3370 or email

In Singapore:

Telephone +65 6386 0590 or email


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