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Managing remote teams is not new. Many organisations have had people spread widely over sales territories, regional offices, international leadership teams and so on for decades. What is new and unprecedented is the speed and scale at which organisations are currently having to adopt it as most of us are forced to work from our homes as a result of Covid-19.

Managing remote teams has challenges, but fundamentally the management role remains the same. It is being responsible for people’s performance and wellbeing when you’re not physically able to work with them and only connected virtually.

Our new online ENERGISER offering – Managing Remote Teams – explores five key aspects of managing remote teams: performance management, employee engagement, virtual team meetings, having difficult conversations and interpersonal management skills. These modules are ideal for managers and leaders who are getting to grips with the sudden shift to managing a remote team.


Delivered live online, Managing Remote Teams consists of 5 modules aimed at mid to senior level managers.

* 5 for 4 Bundle Offer *

If you wish to book all 5 modules for the price of 4 please contact: enquiries@roffeypark.ac.uk.

Available as:
Open forums for individuals
In-house forums for management and leadership teams
Bespoke forums tailored for your organisation context
Building a Resilient Organisation is part of our NAVIGATOR Digital Learning Programme. NAVIGATOR™ is designed to working alongside the complexity you are juggling right now.

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Timings and fees

Each session will run for 90 minutes

Session Begins at 9am BST ( 4pm SST)

£75 per person

Book all five modules together and receive one module free. Total cost £300.