Our ability to combine applied management research with organisational development consultancy sets us apart.

Roffey Park offers a unique combination of research, consultancy and development expertise for organisations who are investigating ways of improving their effectiveness and intelligence.

What can we help you do?

Many organisations commission us to conduct research where they require a more thorough understanding of the situation they are facing.  As well as investigating and presenting back conclusions, we aim to:

  • Use the research process as a way for clients to learn how their overall approach to people issues affects execution of strategic aims
  • Share our expertise and previous research from different sectors to provide clients with new ideas and different perspectives
  • Ensure that at each stage of the process we are focusing time and resources for maximum benefit

What services we provide

We can collect, analyse and make sense of data on the views, behaviours and experiences of the people in your organisation. From here, we develop our research findings into practical recommendations and tools that reflect the reality of your organisation.

We offer:

  • Employee surveys
  • Qualitative research
  • Evaluation of workplace interventions and programmes
  • Design of competencies and other frameworks

An innovative approach to research

Our team of researchers will design research that rigorous and engaging for people taking part, these include:

  • Focus groups using engaging techniques
  • In-depth interviews, including use of show cards, visual prompts, critical incident technique and repertory grid analysis
  • Rigorous analysis of qualitative data, including software assisted content analysis
  • Quantitative survey analysis, including multivariate data modelling

To talk to our team of researchers, please contact Carol Hatcher on +44 (0)1293 854034 or email the research team.