Coaching guide

By: Sabine Stritch and Peter Hamill

Everyone can be a coach! We all have the ability to listen to people, we all know how to empathise with others, to impart knowledge and how to ask questions. It is within us simply by the fact that we are human. The key to becoming a really good coach is in the unlocking of our natural coaching style, becoming aware of who we are as a coach and ultimately broadening our abilities to best fit our coachee and the situation.

This short guide is intended to help you unlock your passion and potential as a coach. We invite you to take some time whenever you encounter a potential coaching situation to be curious about an aspect of yourself as coach. Devoting time to noticing how you are, what you think and what you feel about an aspect of coaching will enable you to improve as a coach.

Be encouraged to use this A-Z and reflect and act upon the ideas suggested. Use it for the next 26 days and see the difference that it makes for you as a coach!

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