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Roffey Park Institute is an international, research led learning and development organisation. Combining research, qualifications based workplace learning and development programmes, we focus on personal, interpersonal and organisational learning in leadership, management, human resource development, and organisational development.

Our goal is to enable organisations to thrive by developing leadership, management and organisational practices that empower everyone to work collaboratively and in dialogue with each other. Through this, we aim to help our clients become effective, sustainable and focused on the welfare and performance of all their employees

About Roffey Park – Bristol

Roffey Park is proud to now offer our training programmes within the heart of Bristol, one of the best cities in the UK to start a business. Roffey Park is well placed to help your businesses capitalise on the great infrastructure that Bristol has to offer and support your continued growth via our pioneering programmes, focused on leadership, management and organisational development practice.  Whether your requirement is at an individual, team or organisational level we ensure our executive education is a high standard and able to equip participants with a strong development platform for the future.

Our Bristol programmes:

  • Personal Effectiveness and Power in Bristol – Influencing and negotiation skills are imperative in today’s flatter organisational structures, because our success at work relies on the ability to influence with and without authority.
  • OD Practitioners Programme in Bristol – is rooted in the deep connection between the best business processes and structures and the people working with them.
  • Essential Management Skills in Bristol – Whether you are new to line management or an experienced manager, people management is often the most challenging aspect of the role.  At Roffey Park we believe that each of us can develop effective management skills but we will do this in our own way.  This management training programme will explores a range of methods, models and approaches that enhances your people management skills.
  • Practical Facilitation Skills in Bristol – Used at every level in organisations, to help people in meetings reach a decision, resolve an issue or generate creative ideas. Practical Facilitation Skills is not a facilitator training course that shows you how to facilitate skills transfer or knowledge download, and it doesn’t give you an ABC of tools to go away and use.  What it does is allow you to practise and develop your skills and confidence to be an enabler of groups working across a wide range of scenarios.

Click here to see our Bristol timetable and find out more information on our programmes.

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