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March 5th, 2015

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At the end of our programmes, we – of course – get in the moment feedback from participants and they fill in forms (got to love an evaluation form, eh?….). Not always do we get to hear what happens a while after we have worked with clients, but occasionally we do. I had an email from a participant on our Modern Manager programme last year. She has given me permission to share it with you. I think it speaks for itself. Will everyone have the same or similar experience? Clearly not, and it does talk to what is possible…

 Since I have seen you all last in June last year a lot has changed for me – for the better I might add.  I often think of my time in Roffey Park and meeting you all and what an impact you all had on my life (God that sounds dramatic, but it’s true and it really demonstrates that things happen for a reason and that my choosing to do the Roffey course was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  The course really enabled me to look at my career and in parallel my personal life and see things from a different perspective. All your stories and contributions were a major factor and for this I will be eternally grateful.  I have the page with all your comments (which we did on the last day) still in my wallet and read it every so often – it always makes me smile.

After this course and subsequent mind-set programmes my life has changed in every facet possible. A light bolt moment for me was when Steve said ‘If you give yourself permission…watch out world’ during one of our sessions. After a lot of soul searching I realised in Roffey that I held myself back (in all aspects) of my life.  This is something which I no longer do and it has changed my life tremendously. So thank you Steve for this light bulb moment!

The changes the participant made included a new role at work – a promotion to a senior leadership role, losing a lot of weight and learning to swim.

Maybe more importantly, she says:

I am truly happy in my own skin and believe for the first time in my life that I am as others see me – authoritative , calm, competent, ambitious.

As an individual, the impact seems significant, and organisationally, they are benefitting too.

Steve Hearsum is Senior Consultant and facilitates our People Management Fundamentals and Digital Leadership Programme