We believe leaders are made not born. Leadership starts with being personally effective, identifying what it is you want to achieve and then doing it.

Leadership is about enabling people to achieve results in a world that is increasingly complex and constantly changing. We need leaders who are globally responsible, taking into account people, the planet and prosperity. But leadership is not necessarily linked to authority. Leadership is embedded in every one of us, and the key is creating ‘leaderful’ organisations, where people’s passion can be expressed in their work.

Becoming an effective leader starts by ensuring individuals having greater self-awareness, understanding the different leadership behaviours and choices available to each of them in order to lead, inspire and motivate the people they work with.  By beginning with our unique inside-out approach enables leaders to then focus outwards so they can actively contribute towards organisational performance.

If you are keen to become a manager who has enthusiastic staff, you will need to communicate openly and honestly and show a sincere interest in people’s well-being. Employees want managers to treat them as the most important part of the organisation and provide them with opportunities for learning and development. When people are engaged, they go the extra mile to help their companies succeed, and achieve improved financial performance.

At Roffey Park, we offer a range of courses that will enable you to be an inspiring leader, an engaging coach, and an empathetic manager. Our tailored leadership and management programmes develop talent, and increase capability at every level in the organisation from front line supervisors to the Board.

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