Working across the world, supporting our international clients wherever they have a need. 

Our hub in Singapore is a leading provider of a broad portfolio of executive education across Asia Pacific for individuals and organisations from diverse backgrounds including the public sector, financial services, healthcare, real estate and logistics.  With our comprehensive knowledge of the Asian workplace and its managers, our approach to tailoring programmes so they are fit for purpose in Asia Pacific and our wide-ranging Asia-focused research we are committed to improving standards of organisational excellence around the region.

Photo of Singapore skyline

Singapore – the location of our hub in Asia Pacific

At the same time our clients choose us because we provide  leading-edge knowledge together with culture-specific, practical programmes and tools. Our international work enables us to provide thought-leadership between leadership, coaching, human resources and organisational development systems and structures in the West and in the East – and in Islamic leadership too.  We are committed to learning with Asia and from Asia, enriching organisational approaches wherever they are based.

Examples of our services in Asia Pacific include:

For more information please contact our Singapore office by telephoning +65 6549 7840 or email us.

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