Putting the “human” back into human resources

Organisations are rapidly evolving to compete successfully in a world of fragile economic growth. Structures continue to flatten with growing demands for workplaces to be collaborative and innovative. Demographic changes continue to exacerbate challenges with recruiting and retaining talent. In an increasingly divided workforce, scarce talent will be pursued and rewarded whilst others, in low skilled posts, will experience increasing insecurity of employment and ferocious competition.

All of this creates challenge and choices for HR practitioners and leaders. The people functions of organisations will need to gain agility, subtlety and skill in facilitating the fulfilment of an organisation’s purpose through its people. This will require a re-imagining of HR’s value to the business, a re-imagining of its role towards individuals and the whole system, a re-imagining of its coordination of a range of contractual arrangements, and a re-imagining of careers, reward, recruitment, retention and diverse generational expectations.

Underpinned by our own research, Roffey Park has significant experience and expertise in developing people practitioners. We offer a range of HR development programmes that we can deliver in your organisation, from business partnering and internal consultancy skills, through to HR leadership programmes and masterclasses.

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