Many of our clients have an interest in understanding and modifying in some way their organisation’s culture. For such a well studied topic, it might seem surprising that so many attempts to improve organisation culture fail utterly. There are good reasons for this, chief amongst these being that culture is a complex, dynamic process which takes real understanding, awareness and discipline to adjust effectively. More recently we have heard clients talking about the need for ‘digital transformation’ and the need to support organisations to make better use of technology to enhance user/customer experience, or to improve social collaboration within the business. Invariably that has led to talk of how influencing culture is key to successful transformation, digital or otherwise.

If you want to change your culture, what do you do?

Much of the language surrounding organisational culture tends to over simplify culture in order to make it easier to grasp. The problem with that approach is that it does not acknowledge that culture is a dynamic entity, if it is an entity at all. In reality, the only way to evolve your organisation’s culture is through your ability to work with dynamic processes and to properly understand the nature of change.

Whether it be in our research, our consulting or our leadership and capability development work, culture change is often part of our work, although often necessarily in the background. More often it has been an explicit part of what our clients ask us to help them with:

  • Understand the actual core facets of their present culture and how this varies across different parts of the business, before making any attempt to set out a vision for change;
  • Develop ‘change readiness’ across top leadership groups (10-1000 people) so that, whatever the next change that comes along, they are better equipped to ask good questions, remain open yet focused, and lead in a clear, compelling way;
  • Understand what business facing change is really needed and what attitudinal and behavioural changes that actually requires at both the individual and collective levels;
  • Build their own capability to increase awareness of culture and cultural patterns so that they can identify, commit to and hold themselves accountable to actual change over time

We offer several areas of expertise when it comes to culture and people centred transformation.  We can help you:

  • Identify present cultural patterns and how these may be helping and hindering your business
  • Identify what might be reduced and amplified in cultural patterns to better serve business process and outcomes
  • Educate and develop staff about the more complex nature of culture and culture change, so that they can develop effective approaches to leading changes of culture

We would love to talk to you about your culture change project, please contact us to find out more