Business leaders we encounter in our work at Roffey Park report that the challenges they face are greater than ever. Scrutiny on the bottom line or even on a triple bottom line; pressure to innovate fast whilst delivering existing products competitively; handling the complexities of mergers and acquisitions and global cultural diversity; transforming culture and systems to adapt to digital consumer patterns and artificial intelligence. And much more.

We believe however that there is an essential, common foundation stone to succeeding in all of these challenges –  collaborative behaviour and the ability to learn. The globally renowned work of Dr Gervase Bushe over more than four decades has identified the critical importance of collaboration and learning over the long term and that the absence of these things contributes to difficulties in almost every area of business.

Over recent years Dr Bushe has developed and refined (through working with thousands of people worldwide) a model and set of skills that seem to apply universally in addressing these needs. Clear Leadership is the culmination of this work, and the programme is available in the UK exclusively through Roffey Park.

The Clear Leadership programme develops leadership capacity to:

  • understand the experience of others so that you can build effective, long term collaborative relationships, build
    commitment for shared results and make good decisions;
  • look for and encourage more of the behaviour that you want from yourself and those you rely upon in your work;
  • understand a totally different type of learning that actually allows individuals and organisations to transform their work together;
  • lead learning for yourself and with those you work with, so that your organisation can respond to today’s conditions with agility, innovation, resilience and courage

The unique programme design delivers these outcomes which flow from an integrated combination of researched, tested theory and highly interactive activities and skills practise. The skills element is crucial – people leave the programme able to think differently but also to do things differently. It really is a programme that provides impactful learning that delivers results. Key skills include:

  • the ability to recognise and describe in sufficient depth what is happening for you in a given moment, so that you can communicate with sufficient transparency for others to understand you, trust you and want to follow you;
  • the ability to help others recognise what is happening for them in a given moment, so that you can collaborate fully with them and help them to contribute their best work;
  • a particular way to intentionally create more of the behaviour you want to see, in yourself and in others;
  • the ability to look at your thinking more clearly and rigorously, so that you can become more open to real learning that can shift stuck patterns in your own work and potentially that of your wider organisational culture;
  • a specific method for preparing yourself and others to have conversations about important issues so that you can all learn in a different way that changes things that have got stuck.

How can I access Clear Leadership?

  • We run a Clear Leadership open programme twice a year for leaders working in organisations across private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Please view the programme page for more information including dates and fees
  • We can offer Clear Leadership as an in-house programme for your organisation which can be delivered either as a four-day programme, 2 x two-day or 4 x one-day modules at a venue of your choice, including our own venue in West Sussex. This option is real value-for-money for groups of six or more.
  • We can also offer half-day Clear Leadership workshops to introduce the concept and programme to your organisation

Why Choose Clear Leadership with Roffey Park?

We have years of experience of working with organisations and their leaders facilitating the effective leadership and management skills that organisations need. Our approach is about practical application, based in experience and theory, using participant’s own reality as their case study. Our consultants are accredited Clear Leadership practitioners having undergone intensive training with Clear Leadership creator, Gervase Bushe.

Recent Clear Leadership participants and clients include:

Clear Leadership was an intensive and enriching personal development experience. I appreciated the variation in large group work, small group work and working with learning partners. I valued the people I was learning with and the transparency of our conversations. My personal experience was a developmental shift and an increasing understanding of self with greater clarity of what had been on my mental map but out of my awareness. For the first time in my life I saw a pattern that I hadn’t spotted before and became acutely aware of the impact that had on my daily being.

Caroline Mabey, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

After attending the Clear Leadership programme, yesterday I attempted my first learning conversation with a colleague. They hadn’t been on the programme but I shared the documents in advance, explained the idea and, of course, it was a trusted relationship.  I was really pleased with the outcome of the 45 minute conversation. We did not try to solve the issue, just gain clarity and both of us agreed that we each walked away with one lightbulb moment that has significantly helped to reduce the mush!

Chris Rawlings, Perrigo Company plc

Watch Clear Leadership creator, Dr Gervase Bushe, talk about the programme

To find out more

If you would like to have a further conversation about Clear Leadership either as a tailored programme for your organisation or our open programme for individuals, please contact us by email or telephone the Client & Student Services Team on 01293 854042