Organisation design has come of age and is no longer a one-off event, but a constant process to adapt to meet market demands. This is all done in the context of the ever greater impact of digital and social technologies and the need to work in more agile, adaptable and fluid ways. Those who are thinking about the design of their workplaces need to not only keep pace, but learn how to adapt their own thinking and behaviour as they apply theory and big methodologies.
There are many places you can go to learn about the theory of Organisation Design, but it is less easy to find a space where you will be supported and challenged to make the connection between theory and applying this knowledge into pragmatic, practical and useful action.
Whether you are new to this field or have some experience and are looking to hone your craft, the fundamental question that this programme has been designed to help you address is: what do organisation design practitioners actually do?

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Why should you attend this programme?

  • Develop a greater understanding of the competencies and mindset required to practise Organisation Design
  • Map these to their own strengths, abilities and learning edges
  • Understand the impact of key business, environmental, political and technological shifts on 21st century organisations and what this means for Organisation Design practitioners
  • Understand what it means to ‘do’ Organisation Design
  • Develop the skills to facilitate Organisation Design with and in organisations
  • Develop greater confidence and competence around issues relating to the design of organisations
  • Bring real world workplace challenges and work on them, applying theory to practice
  • Integrate Organisation Design into existing practice
  • Create and maintain a network of practitioners to be drawn from and share learning with during and beyond the open programme


Business Benefits

Develop practitioners and leaders – whether they go under the label of Human Resources, Organisation Development and/or Organisation Design – who are confident and rounded enough to use the appropriate lens, theory and strategy with their stakeholders and clients, to have the desired impact.

The programme provided a good mix of theory and practice that really helped make it relatable to day to day challenges. The reflective angle has helped me to identify the changes that I can make personally to create a better organisation.

Zoe Wright, Director of People and Premises, B&CE Holdings Limited.

I have gained a better understanding of myself, better understanding of the theory and practice of OD, a network of information and people to tap into moving forward.

Nicola Titcombe, Pearson International

Very good balance between theory and application. I enjoyed the time that I was given to self- reflect and pull my ideas together. I have a clearer plan of what next steps I will take to initiate change.

Maria Bustillo, Sport England

Excellent programme, really inspiring, good pace, great leadership and facilitation.

Louise Hall, South London and Maudsley NHS foundation Trust

Programme director

Photo of Steve Hearsum
Steve Hearsum ,BA, MSC, HSDP
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Horsham (London Gatwick), UK Horsham 3 Contact us TBC £3,300* N/A