Our training courses and skills development provide concrete benefits for both the individual and organisation.

expert-facilitators-2Expert facilitators

Our consultants are experts in their field who create a supportive, yet challenging learning environment like no other.  This means that learners are motivated, engaged and stretched to develop both themselves and their organisations.  We aim for a consultant/participant ratio of 1:6 and provide an eclectic mix of activities which appeal to different styles of learning, and bridge the gap between theory and reality.

individual-learning-2Individual learning

We know that each participant brings with them different learning needs and goals.  That’s why on each programme our facilitators take the time to engage with participants as individuals as well as the whole group.  Our programmes enable participants to test out different approaches and techniques, find out what works for them and encourages them to make the behavioural changes needed for a positive impact back in the workplace.

shared-experience-2Shared experience

Our programmes encourage shared learning.  Each programme is informal, yet robust, with an open and encouraging environment.  Participants learn with a group of peers from a wide range of organisations who are grappling with the same and different issues.  The diverse backgrounds, experiences and personalities involved crafts a unique and effective learning experience that stays with them long beyond the programme.

self-managed-learning-2Self-managed learning

Roffey Park has been at the forefront of self-managed learning for over thirty years and it underpins our philosophy and learning approach.  We treat adults like adults, expecting and enabling them to take responsibility for their own learning and development needs.  Academic theory and concepts are used as frameworks for participants to understand, learn from and relate to their own context.

learning-environment-2Learning environment

Above all, Roffey Park is a place to learn and, honed by our passion for learning, we have nurtured a contemporary environment that is highly conducive to learning.  Our open programmes are held in our purpose-built venue in West Sussex with spacious bedrooms, a comfortable lounge, leisure facilities, superb food and a comprehensive learning resource centre.  So whether you need a walk in the grounds to clear your head, a comfortable corner to share a coffee and debate with fellow participants, or a quiet place to just sit and contemplate – Roffey Park is the place for you.

in-house-tailored-2In-house courses for your organisation

If you have a large number of managers who would benefit from one of our courses then running one of these in-house might be a more cost effective option. An ‘off the shelf’ version of the course might be appropriate or we can tailor any of these – a little or a lot – to suit your particular organisational requirements.  Please contact us for further information.

bursary-2Bursary places

We are also committed to offering a 50% bursary on our training courses in the UK to registered charities.  This is subject to availability on each programme date and we ask that you provide your registered charity number at the time of booking.  For more information please contact Susan Foran on +44 (0)1293 854047 or email.

informationFind out more

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