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Tame Wicked Issues: Adaptive Action in Action

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Unleash the potential within you through the transformative experience of workshops. These immersive learning environments blend theory with interactive sessions, equipping participants with essential skills and insights crucial for professional advancement. Led by expert facilitators, our workshops offer a unique opportunity to delve deeper into topics, fostering a deeper understanding and providing practical tools applicable in various contexts. Engage with peers, share experiences, and collaborate on solutions, all while expanding your professional network. Beyond knowledge acquisition, workshops catalyse personal growth, instil confidence, and pave the way for career advancement.

Why attend this workshop?

Traditional problem-solving methods assume clear boundaries, singular perspectives and simple (usually one-way) relationships. The challenges you face today follow none of these rules. Whether you are engaged in public policy, healthcare, education, finance, or security, your most pressing problems are messy, confusing and massively entangled. No wonder you find yourself stuck!

Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) offers an alternative approach. Based on the theory of complexity science and decades of real-world application, HSD helps you see your problems in new ways, understand multiple perspectives and take practical action to influence the simple patterns that drive your complex challenges. In short, HSD helps you tame your most wicked issues.

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  • See complexity through simple, useful lenses
  • Find practical next steps to tame your own most wicked issues
  • Develop your adaptive capacity to see, understand, and influence the issues you will face in the future
  • Practice three simple, powerful tools and be prepared to share them with others
  • Meet others who experience the same challenges and opportunities you do
  • Access additional resources to build your powers of inquiry and adaptive capacity to thrive in your turbulent and uncertain future

HSD Founding Executive Director

Glenda Eoyang

Glenda isn’t just an HSD expert—she is the founder of the field. A master teacher with deep insights into the art and science of self-organising systems. Dr. Glenda Eoyang applies principles of self-organising to help people thrive in unpredictable environments. She has certified more than 1,000 Associates, forming a global network of HSD practitioners.

Her published works include numerous scholarly and practical articles, and she has authored and co-authored five books: Coping with Chaos: Seven Simple Tools; Facilitating Organizational Change: Lessons from Complexity Science; Voices from the Field: An Introduction to Human Systems Dynamics; Adaptive Action: Leveraging Uncertainty in Your Organization; and Radical Rules for Schools: Adaptive Action and Complex Change.

Independent Consultant

Griff Griffiths

Griff supports clients in breaking ingrained habits of thinking and finding new ones that serve them better. Originally working in the IT industry, principally for consultancies in London and Rotterdam, he eventually became more interested in teams than technology and moved into coaching and Organisation Development.

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10 July 2024



Roffey Park Institute

We deliver our workshops using our innovative online platform, MyRoffeyPark. Through MyRoffeyPark, you will have access to all content and conversations pertaining to your workshop before, during and for 1 month after your workshop. You will also receive 1 month’s access to the award-winning MindTools platform where you can explore articles, videos, and activities around all aspects of leadership and management. After 1 month, you can subscribe to our online Community and retain access to MindTools and connect with other thought leaders.


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