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Leading across boundaries

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Unleash the potential within you through the transformative experience of workshops. These immersive learning environments blend theory with interactive sessions, equipping participants with essential skills and insights crucial for professional advancement. Led by expert facilitators, our workshops offer a unique opportunity to delve deeper into topics, fostering a deeper understanding and providing practical tools applicable in various contexts. Engage with peers, share experiences, and collaborate on solutions, all while expanding your professional network. Beyond knowledge acquisition, workshops catalyse personal growth, instil confidence, and pave the way for career advancement.

Why attend this workshop?

With hybrid and cross-cultural working now the norm, leading across boundaries has never been more important. We understand that leaders are learning on the job and will have many questions that spring up along the way.

Boardroom.Inc, an immersive business simulation designed by our partners GingrTech, will help you to answer all of these questions and more. Working with your fellow participants you will be asked to build an organisation that expands, has improved processes and is profitable and fully agile in its marketplace. Please note that you will need to bring a laptop to this workshop.

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How do you react in uncomfortable situations? Are you able to step back from the day-to-day to focus on the larger, more strategic challenges your organisation is facing? What impact is your leadership having on those around you? This interactive workshop will explore these questions. During this workshop, participants will:

  • Develop an awareness of how they react in uncomfortable situations and have some strategies for managing this discomfort
  • Improve their decision-making and ensure that their work is aligned with their organisation’s strategic priorities
  • Reflect on their own leadership and learn the techniques to lead more effectively across organisational boundaries

Organisations can start noticing improvements related to:

  • Enhanced Employee Resilience and Adaptability
  • Improved Strategic Alignment
  • Strengthened Leadership Skills
  • Positive Impact on Organizational Culture

Learning and Design Programme Manager

James Choles

James Choles

James has over 15 years of experience in L&D, as a manager, facilitator, learning designer and coach. At Roffey Park, he manages two of our key leadership and management programmes with central government clients and was instrumental in winning the Learning Design Award from KPMG in 2022. He also oversees the Leadership Development Open Programme, a three-month learning journey aimed at middle managers moving into senior leadership roles.

James is a strong believer in experiential learning (learning by reflecting on doing), and on creating safe spaces where participants can share their challenges, take time to reflect on these and learn through dialogue with their peers. He believes that Roffey Park, with its history of rehabilitation and promoting wellbeing, is uniquely placed to help stretched managers and leaders thrive in the new world of work.

Director of Business Intelligence & Technology

George Kunnath

George Kunnath

George is a Director with extensive experience in public sector reform and international development. Before joining Roffey Park, he worked as Regional Director for Europe and Africa in a Non-Departmental Public Body providing democracy support.

George enjoys supporting leaders in developing and implementing their strategic visions. He comes with a strong strategy and business planning background and benefits from a global mindset that understands the importance of leadership in making strategy a reality.

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29 May 2024



Roffey Park Institute

We deliver our workshops using our innovative online platform, MyRoffeyPark. Through MyRoffeyPark, you will have access to all content and conversations pertaining to your workshop before, during and for 1 month after your workshop. You will also receive 1 month’s access to the award-winning MindTools platform where you can explore articles, videos, and activities around all aspects of leadership and management. After 1 month, you can subscribe to our online Community and retain access to MindTools and connect with other thought leaders.

£575 inclusive of lunch*

*The price is net of any chargeable VAT.

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