shutterstock_226336915Roffey Park’s Compassion at Work Index (CWI) is a statistically robust model of compassion at work developed from an in-depth review of existing evidence and a survey of over 500 UK managers and non-managers. The CWI provides an indicative view of how you see your own level of compassion at work across five attributes:

  • Being alive to the suffering of others
  • Being non-judgmental
  • Tolerating personal distress
  • Being empathic
  • Taking appropriate action

You may also like to consider how these attributes could be improved or enhanced by following some of the practical tips that will be provided with your individual report.

The CWI should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. The data you provide will be stored anonymously and your individual results will not be shared with third parties.  On completion you will be able to download a printable report of your CWI compared against a relevant norm group*.

Please note that the CWI is optimised to work on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 9 and above. You may have problems accessing the Index if you are using an older browser.

To complete the Compassion at Work Index please click here

*We may collate the data you supply with that supplied by survey participants to present the results at an aggregate level. No individual will be identifiable in this case.