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Who owns innovation?


April 2nd, 2015

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It’s a question that usually receives a blank response. Yet, pick up any business magazine and you will invariably find multiple articles on the strategic importance of innovation for a company’s growth. I have mulled over the question for a number of years, ever since I started the Entheo Network in 2006. Before that, I […]

Space, the only leadership frontier?


March 10th, 2015

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These days I know that how I relate to space within and beyond my body affects how I lead. In my connections through space lie the choices about how I lead and follow, whether this is the space between my neurons or between my colleagues! Space is the frontier through which leading and following flows, […]

Facilitation as invitation


March 4th, 2015


Whilst reading some relatively recent articles in academic journals (2012) on experiential learning and ‘Outdoor Management Development’ (OMD) for my doctorate, I was surprised to come across references to Kolb’s learning cycle. I realised I hadn’t thought about Kolb in reference to experiential learning for a good 10 years. The model was being critiqued as […]

Is #digital impacting leadership?


February 18th, 2015


The short answer is: yes. But beyond that it is hard to say how. Not because there hasn’t been an impact, rather the debate was over scale, or whether digital brings new challenges, or is the ‘same old same old’, with added twiddly bits and a smidge of geek chic plus directions to Hoxton or […]

(Yet another blog on) banks, fines, ethics, culture, regulation and why ‘something must be done’


November 27th, 2014

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The only thing that is missing from the title of this post is ‘Think of the children, oh why won’t you think of the children!!’, accompanied by suitable handwringing and wistful looks skywards to some Higher Power. Part of me thinks ‘why bother writing this’, and another believes this is too important to allow myself […]