Minimising our impact on the world

42 - Interface ISO 14001 Logo - V2.0Roffey Park has been awarded ISO 14001, the internationally recognised standard for environment management systems, which validates our long-term commitment to minimising our impact on the environment and sustainability.

Other activities carried out include:

  • Minimise waste, reduce consumption of materials and promote recycling.
  • Investigate ways of reducing the consumption of energy and water through education, procurement of efficient equipment, supportive policies and investment.
  • Work to maintain and enhance the quality of the built and natural environment, respecting local wildlife and their habitats.
  • Raise awareness amongst staff of environmental issues and encourage participation through education and training initiatives.
  • Design energy efficiency into new services, buildings and products and manage energy wisely in all operations, using sustainable energy sources wherever appropriate.
  • Ensure that Roffey Park, as a consumer, uses the least environmentally damaging products whenever possible.

For more information please view our Environmental Policy.