Our approach to adult learning

Roffey Park Institute’s charitable purpose is to provide education for the benefit of everyone in the workplace.  It is what we set out to do 75 years ago.  It is what we still do.  Of course as the workplace and the people in it have changed, so have our courses and the means by which we deliver learning.  We continue to focus on the whole person: working with people to develop the abilities they need to succeed in organisational life.  These include emotional intelligence, building relationships, resilience, influence, confidence, voice and authentic leadership. Most importantly, we understand learning to be social, shared and generated through interaction, reflection and action. Heroic individualism is not what we set out to create.

All of our work is shaped by Roffey Park’s PULSE approach to adult learning.

Developed by colleagues out of the enormous wealth of knowledge and research into how people learn most effectively, PULSE provides a simple but powerful framework guiding each learner, and each group of learners through the five steps that: Plot, Unlock, Lever, Signify and Embed knowledge.

PULSE is not just something that works within each programme.  It is a tool that we encourage our learners to take back into the workplace to enable them to share and proliferate their new skills with and to their colleagues.  Within the PULSE framework we use a variety of experiential, peer-supported and group dynamic methods including, action learning sets, self-managed learning, Group Dynamics, problem-solving, creative thinking and many others.  The variety of learning methods used in each course are selected precisely to deliver the outcomes sought by our learners and clients.

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