Our inside-out approach.

Roffey Park’s focus is on working with people to develop the abilities they need to succeed in organisational life; these include emotional intelligence, building relationships, personal resilience, influence and authentic leadership.

Much of our work is grounded in Self-Managed Learning (in simple terms – individuals taking responsibility for their own learning) and we are leading providers of Action Learning Set facilitation focused on meeting real business challenges.

We begin with the individual looking in on themselves to develop self-awareness before generating the choices they need to make to improve their overall effectiveness.  This then enables them to look outwards on how they can contribute to the effectiveness of the organisation.

Our focus on the inside-out has led us to develop a set of principles that underpin our approach:

A process not an event.   Personal development is a process that transforms both individuals and organisations.  It is not a series of unconnected events.

A comprehensive picture. To be personally effective is to know oneself thoroughly so any training and development must include a comprehensive picture of strengths and weaknesses.

Making it real. New skills must be rooted in a context that the individuals recognise.  It is vital that the environment bridges the divide between the training room and workplace.

Learner centred development. Rooting training firmly in the workplace requires complete engagement with the learning process, receiving sufficient 1:1 attention, working with others all guarantee a improved chance of achieving both individual and organisational goals.

Innovative and practical.  Training and development should be dramatic, inspirational and challenging if it is to provide long-lasting learning and behavioural change.  This means avoiding the latest fads and fancies and concentrating on memorable activities that are practical and relevant.

Enjoyable and participative. People learn best when they are active and enjoy the experience.  Interactive elements ensuring energy, collaboration and fun.

Building sustainable capacity. We prefer to “work with” rather than “do things to” our participants.

A mix of delivery styles. Sharing expertise, tools and frameworks in novel and useful ways as well as facilitating and dealing with issues as and when they arrive.

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