Founded in 1946, Roffey Park is a charitable trust which is internationally recognised for developing innovative learning approaches that enable individuals to achieve their full potential both at work and in their wider lives.

Roffey Park’s charitable objectives are:

  • To conduct promote and support for the benefit of the public research into questions affecting the health and welfare of all those engaged in industry, commerce and the public services and particularly into questions concerning the relations between management and employees and into the application of the Social Sciences to such questions and to publish the results of such research.
  • To advance education by providing training and discussion courses in all or any aspects of the science of personnel management for managers, administrators and supervisors and others having similar responsibilities.

Public benefit

Roffey Park continues to support less well off organisations, including charities, both through preferential pricing on programmes and gifted work. The facilities are regularly hired out at reduced rates to local charitable organisations.  Concessions are available in each activity and we estimate their worth to be in excess of £200,000.

Research projects continue to focus on the effects on people of change in organisational life and high performance in the workplace. Research in progress includes: the enlightened workplace; socially responsible leadership, complexity and learning in organisations, successful diversity and equality strategies and cross-cultural teams.  Dissemination of information resulting from research projects was achieved by the publication of research reports and through books, articles, conference presentations, events and webinars.

We have a panel which looks at requests from small to medium charities and community based organisations. One such project was with British Youth Opera which seeks to advance education through music and drama to prepare singers for the world of professional opera.

In the community

Roffey Park’s venue facilities are used by many local charities and schools and our staff participate in numerous charity activities raising funds for both local and national campaigns.  We also offer work experience opportunities for students from a range of local schools. Local artists are encouraged to display their work across our building and grounds

As an employer

Logo for Charitable Giving schemeRoffey Park aims to create a thriving work environment for all its employees, fostering engagement and growth.  We are passionate about our work with clients and participants. Every employee has a role to play in delivering the best possible service to our clients whether this is through facilitating a programme, maintaining our grounds, providing course materials or producing quality meals in our restaurant.  In addition to salary a range of benefits are provided to support personal development, promote well-being and support a work-life balance.  We foster a culture of philanthropy and committed giving in the workplace, by providing a charitable payroll-giving scheme for employees.

Board of trustees

Roffey Park’s Board of Trustees and Directors is drawn from individual members and representatives from member companies of the Institute, and is chaired by Roger Leek.  Roger, has been a participant, client and more recently a Trustee at Roffey Park for the past 25 years and is a senior global executive with an extensive career in HR, OD, Leadership Development, Talent Management and Succession planning, with experience across various business sectors and continents. Previous positions held by Roger include Senior Vice President of Corporate HR at Fujitsu, Senior Vice President at Global Business Group Fujitsu, Group HR Director at ICL/Fujitsu Services, and Group HR Director at BNFL, Senior Vice President at International HR Volvo Car Corporation. In addition Roger has also been involved in Customer Relation Management at Volvo, and HR Director within Thorn/EMI Group.

Company and charity registration

Roffey Park Institute Limited is a Charity Registered with the Charity Commission No. 254591 and a Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in England No. 923975. VAT No. 821797900.

Lettings activity is undertaken by Roffey Park Services Limited, a Company Limited by Shares Registered in England No. 5025908, a wholly owned subsidiary of Roffey Park Institute Limited. VAT No. 821797900.

Roffey Park Asia Pacific Pte Ltd was registered as a private limited company in Singapore on 23 July 2010 No. 201015595E, a wholly owned subsidiary of Roffey Park Institute Limited.

Registered Office for Roffey Park Institute: Roffey Park Institute, Forest Road, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 4TB
Registered Office for Roffey Park Asia Pacific Pte Ltd: 15 Beach Road, #03-07, Beach Centre, Singapore 189677

Annual report and accounts

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Complaint Handling

Roffey Park Institute is committed to providing a high quality and accessible service to everyone we deal with. In order to do this we need you to tell us when we get things wrong. We want to help resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. We handle any expression of dissatisfaction with our service which calls for a response as a complaint. We listen to your complaints, treat them seriously, and learn from them so that we can continuously improve our service.

  • We can receive complaints by letter or email. We treat all complaints seriously.
  • You can expect to be treated with courtesy, respect and fairness at all times.
  • We will treat your complaint in confidence.
  • We will deal with your service complaint promptly, acknowledging receipt of a written complaint within five working days and aiming to provide a full reply within 20 working days.

It is our policy to have a designated Account Manager for each of our clients who acts as the principle point of contact within our organisation.  In the event of a complaint arising, this should be directed in the first instance to the named Account Manager.  Should this fail to produce a satisfactory outcome the issue should then be referred to the Chief Executive.  All other complaints that do not relate to our work with clients should be directed to the Director of Support Services.

‘Whistle-blower’ arrangements

Regarding sensitive issues arising within Roffey Park, although confidentiality is essential, we endeavour to foster a climate of openness in which any concerns can be brought to management’s attention at an early stage, so that they can be dealt with promptly and effectively. These might include, for example, issues on which you believe that business or personal well-being is adversely affected by a particular course of action or business decision, or if you become aware of a colleague’s wrongdoing. Public disclosure of confidential information of this kind would be regarded as a breach of contract in most cases. However, in the very unlikely event that you might consider any disclosure to be in the public interest, because issues of serious importance or malpractice, including health and safety, had not been adequately addressed within Roffey Park, then it is possible that your action (commonly described as “whistle-blowing”) would gain legal protection from disciplinary action. This is a complex area of law, but it underpins the importance of maintaining trust and open dialogue within the workplace. Staff are therefore encouraged to bring any serious issues causing concern to management’s attention at an early stage under the ‘Grievance procedure’.