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This is no xxxxxxx ‘answer’ to organisational challenges, just lots of wrestling


August 9th, 2017

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Recently I hosted a day at Roffey Park with Pim, Joost and Freek aka the Corporate Rebels. This is the second time they have visited us, and it was good to hear how their thinking is evolving as they continue on their quest to better understand what it takes to create organisations (or change them) […]

Are you an Engaging Leader?


August 1st, 2017

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How are leaders faring at keeping their people engaged? Apparently, not great. In Roffey Park and Profile Asia’s 2017 Working in Asia report, respondents are doubtful about the ability of leaders in Singapore to successfully engage their employees: Employee engagement and morale is a top people challenge; as indicated by 67 per cent of the […]