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Reflections on being mindful about mindfulness studies


November 17th, 2015

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So having spotted one newspaper article about mindfulness that triggered my last blog, I now seem unable to pick up a newspaper without more articles coming to my attention. Even Ladybird’s soon to be published tongue-in-cheek titles include “Mindfulness” (along with The Shed, The Wife, The Husband, The Hangover, Dating and The Hipster). Does this […]

Development S T R E T C H, anyone?


November 5th, 2015

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When I was an OD Director in a charity a few years back, I undertook the MSc in People and Organisational Development at Roffey Park. It was the most powerful and useful chapter of my learning journey to date. These days, I am privileged to be the programme director for this course so, today I’m putting the word out […]