How do keep your people motivated in high pressure

14 January 2014

changeboard logoAs industries get more demanding, it’s inevitable that more pressure will be mounted on your people, how do you keep them happy and supported?

Development + talent preparedness = effective succession planning

12 January 2016

HR logo_OFFICIALCEO departures don’t need to be the end of the world, if you’ve planned their replacement effectively

The departure of Marks & Spencer’s chief executive, Marc Bolland was announced to great fanfare last week. Whether or not it’s linked to lacklustre Christmas sales or the disappointing performance of the company’s fashion lines remains to be seen. What was clear is that succession planning and the handover process have been very much on the agenda for M&S’ board.

How to have grown up conversations with your staff

5 January 2016

changeboard logoTired of asking the same old development questions? Here’s how to have more mature career conversations.

How Luke Skywalker can teach something new to your office Yoda

10 December 2015

HRSG-RevampMasthead_0What happened when Baby Boomer, Gary Miles, director of international operations at Roffey Park, got reverse mentored by a confident, rising star within the firm?

Older and younger generations at work

18 December 2015

changeboard logoLearning from each other is the way forward, how will you harness these skills to benefit your overall business?

Steps to improve SME productivity

3 December 2015

Business MattersTo continue to be the lifeblood of the economy that they are, there are a number of positive steps that SMEs can take to invest in their talent and make the most of performance related reward and recognition systems and strategies. Michael Jenkins, chief executive of leadership institute, Roffey Park outlines six positive actions that can help ensure you and your business continue to perform and prosper.

What can UK SME bosses learn from their counterparts in Singapore

27 November 2015

real businessResearch recently conducted by Roffey Park on behalf of the Singapore Ministry of Manpower has assessed talent and productivity in this key economic sector. In fact, 97 per cent of enterprises in Singapore are SMEs and, as the backbone of this economy, there are some key lessons that UK SME bosses can learn from their counterparts to help business growth.

HR leadership in a digital world

21 October 2015

If only 23% of HR leaders feel confident effectively using technology to enhance HR and business performance then something needs to change, fast. Steve Hearsum, development consultant at leadership institute Roffey Park expands on this issue further

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