Roffey Park receives ISO 14001 certification

12 November 2014

42 - Interface ISO 14001 Logo - V2.0Roffey Park has been awarded ISO 14001, the internationally recognised standard for environment management systems.

“We are proud to have received this award”, said Michael Jenkins, Chief Executive at Roffey Park. “It is the culmination of huge amount of work led by our staff, which recognises our determination to minimise our impact on the environment and sustainability.  ISO 14001 certification is proof of compliance and brings further credibility to our corporate social responsibility initiatives”


How to develop ethical leaders

21 October 2014

edge logoJust how ethical your leaders are is increasing in importance for organisations – so how can L&D teams develop ethical leaders? Steve Hearsum contributes his views.

How to develop trust in your organisation

24 September 2014

edge logo Steve Hearsum contributes his thoughts on how you can develop the fundamental drivers of trust

Seven reasons trust breaks down

23 September

edge logoTrust is hard to build but easy to lose. Steve Hearsum, development consultant at Roffey Park, outline the common reasons trust breaks down

Leaders: Are you prepared for what happens next in Scotland?

23 September 2014

hr-magazineAfter two years of emotional debate and campaigning, Scotland has elected to stay part of the United Kingdom. But it also become clear that a period of uncertainty and widespread change will follow. Dan Lucy explores the results from our annual Management Agenda survey which found the majority (57%) of UK-based directors said that they expected the vote not to have an impact on their business.


What can we do about poor public sector trust?

22 September 2014

edge logoAndy Smith contributes his thoughts on research which found that managers in the public sector are less trusted than their private and charity sector counterparts.


How to build a motivated team

5 August 2014

edge logoA new manager inherits a team of disaffected and disengaged employees. The manager faces a big task in turning this demoralised team into engaged employees. How can a manager improve employees’ engagement levels and build a motivated team? Simon Gott from Roffey Park contributes his views on how a manager can transform a demoralised team into a highly motivated force

Are you in need of leadership embodiment?

11 September

hr-magazineSue Binks and Tom Kenward explore the benefits of leadership embodiment.

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