Key qualities of an HR Manager

18 November 2016

personnel today imagesMany aspire to the role of HR manager, but have you got what it takes? Catherine Shepherd shares her views

Quitting the blame game - how leadership helps

9 November 2016

changeboard logoWhen the organisation’s environment heats up, the same familiar, disempowering scenarios begin to play out, not all the time but with sufficient regularity for it to be noticeable.  John Woodward-Roberts explores further.

Building organisational leadership and culture to create trust during change

6 October 2016

CHS AllianceAlex Swarbrick writes about the challenges of leadership and trust during change.

Behaviour change: It’s all in the story

28 September 2016

HR logo_OFFICIALNavigating the people aspects of change continues to be regarded as a pressing challenge.  Carol Hatcher explores the role of storytelling.


Could you be replaced by a robot?

13 October 2016

workplace-focusResearch suggests that the rise of the machines is going to become a reality, at least in the workplace. What are the implications for HR?  Steve Hearsum comments

How to improve staff health and fitness for a better bottom line

19 August 2016

workplace-focusStressed and unhealthy employees aren’t good for morale or the business, so what can you do to encourage better health and fitness?  Dan Lucy comments.

How to retain trust during organisational change

1 November 2016

People ManagementOrganisational trustworthiness can be easily eroded during times of change; Julia Wellbelove outlines 10 steps to strengthening employee trust

Leading change: Two monologues don’t make a dialogue

27 September 2016

HRSG-RevampMasthead_0If we perpetuate the myths around change, failures will continue to follow as night follows day, cautions Alex Swarbrick, regional director, Asia Pacific, Roffey Park Institute.

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