How to improve your resilience

6 November 2015

Business MattersThe latest thinking on resilience tells us that whilst we are all resilient to some extent, we can all develop our resilience capabilities.  Dan Lucy looks at the steps you can take to improve your own resilience capability and minimise the impact of stress on you.

5 tips for succession planning

26 October 2015

HRSG-RevampMasthead_0Following the results of Singapore’s GE 2015 and the victory by PAP, the subject of leadership renewal dominates the minds of politicians in Singapore. This is also a timely reminder of the inevitable people shifts taking place across organisations, whether planned or unexpected, says Gary Miles, Roffey Park’s director of international operations.

Human dimension of productivity

17 October 2015

straits-timesGary Miles writes to the Editor of Straits Times about strengthening productivity in Singapore

What can horses teach you about leadership?

16 October 2015

changeboard logoSue Binks  shares a rather innovative way of understanding your leadership presence.

Six ethical decison-making pitfalls to avoid

15 October 2015

HR logo_OFFICIALIt’s all too easy for leaders to make the wrong decision. Whether it’s failing to respond to claims of misconduct or not making time to fully investigate reports of issues such as sexual abuse, leaders’ ethical decision-making is tested daily. While there are no easy solutions there are six pitfalls leaders should avoid to ensure they don’t make decisions that will come back and bite.

Exactly what is organisational development again?

6 October 2015

changeboard logoAlex Swarbrick explores the definition of organisational development in Changeboard.

Talent Management 2020

Autumn 2015

An article which reviews the global talent management scene and includes reference to our Leading Virtual Teams research study.

Reverse mentoring: why not take the challenge?

23 September 2015

changeboard logoWe are living in an incredibly modern age, therefore it is important to embrace the younger generation and their knowledge base. Gary Miles reflects on his own personal reverse mentoring experience and explains the value this could bring to your organisation.

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