Leading change: Two monologues don’t make a dialogue

27 September 2016

HRSG-RevampMasthead_0If we perpetuate the myths around change, failures will continue to follow as night follows day, cautions Alex Swarbrick, regional director, Asia Pacific, Roffey Park Institute.

Compassion means business

19 September 2016

Tom O’Neill writes about Roffey Park’s Compassionate Leadership research.New Zealand Herald

Is storytelling the secret tool your leaders are overlooking?

12 September 2016

People ManagementStories have the power to overcome the key challenges organisations face, writes Dan Lucy

Corporate training regimes for a first place finish

9 September 2016

HRSG-RevampMasthead_0While the 70:20:10 model for learning and development still remains a widely-used and successful framework in the HR scenery, it is giving way to bite-sized learning, hackathons, and hopefully an early adoption of virtual reality tools.

Companies remain in stasis over challenges posed by Brexit

5 September 2016

HR logo_OFFICIALOrganisations are unsure where to go next, more than two months after the EU referendum vote.  Michael Jenkins comments.

How can HR realise people's potential?

September 2016

Katie Jacobs interviews Kate Bowman and Dan Lucy from Roffey Park on what potential really is and how to spot itHR logo_OFFICIAL

It's always a good time to (re)discover your values

3 August 2016

hrzoneDan Lucy explores the importance of values in organisations

Singapore workplace stress on the rise

27 August 2016

business-times-logoRoffey Park’s “Working in Asia”, has found that not only do Singapore workers spend more hours at work relative to their Hong Kong and China peers, more than half (52 per cent of Singapore workers surveyed) say their stress level has gone up over the last six months.

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