What are the HR issues facing China?

4 April 2016

changeboard logoIt’s just the same, but completely different… Gary Miles shares the experience that he and Alex Swarbrick had when working with a group of HR professions in Beijing in the summer of 2015, and before that in Shanghai


Risky business in a risky world

22 March 2016

Business MattersHow do we get the balance between risk and safety right in an uncertain world? Adrian Lock from leadership institute, Roffey Park considers the options.

Taking a top down approach to pay

22 March 2016

REWARDAs the gap between high earners and the low paid grows ever wider, Adrian Lock contributes to an article which looks at what strategies firms can adopt to ensure their entire workforce stays motivated

Developing effective leaders is biggest business challenge, say HR managers

1 March 2016

People Management logoResearch by Roffey Park also finds employee engagement and succession are high on the agenda

HR managers believe developing effective leaders is the biggest organisational challenge faced by businesses, research by leadership institute Roffey Park has found.

The institute’s 19th annual research report, The Management Agenda 2016, found that nearly four out of five HR managers believe developing appropriate leadership and management styles is the main people challenge facing their organisation

Managers more stressed than ever before

25 February 2016

forbes logoA survey of more than 1,300 HR managers has found that 44% report that their level of stress has increased in the last six months, according to Roffey Park’s annual management agenda.

The proportion of managers reporting increased stress goes up as you move down the management layers: 59% of junior managers report feeling more stressed now than they did six months ago. The Roffey Park study suggested that perceptions of workload may help to explain increased stress levels. Junior managers were less likely to feel that their job is secure (42% of junior managers versus 52% senior managers).

Why you need to ditch the nine box grid

24 February 2016

HR logo_OFFICIALMany are rejecting the nine-box grid and rolling out more flexible, bespoke talent management systems. What’s not to like about the nine-box grid (NBG)? It’s free, easy to use and ubiquitous. With so much in its favour, surely the NBG should qualify as a reassuring certainty of talent management?


What does the gig economy mean for HR?

15 February 2016

personnel today imagesThe “gig economy” has firmly entered employment vocabulary, becoming a catch-all term for anything from Uber taxi drivers to freelance professionals. But what does this hyper-flexible way of working mean for HR?  Alex Swarbrick contributes his thoughts.

Are you a good listener?

1 February 2016

HR grapevineAna Karakusevic explores the power of listening in coaching

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