How to build a motivated team

5 August 2014

edge logoA new manager inherits a team of disaffected and disengaged employees. The manager faces a big task in turning this demoralised team into engaged employees. How can a manager improve employees’ engagement levels and build a motivated team? Simon Gott from Roffey Park contributes his views on how a manager can transform a demoralised team into a highly motivated force

Getting to grips with a culture of misconduct

22 July 2014

hr reviewFrom football to banking to care homes, it’s no surprise that ethical leadership and misconduct continue to grab the headlines. Yet the meaning of ‘ethics’ and ‘misconduct’ can seem hard to pin down and even harder for HR to get to grips with, writes Alex Swarbrick of Roffey Park.

Getting to grips with a culture of misconduct

14 July 2014

Business MattersAlex Swarbrick, Senior Consultant at Roffey Park, considers why the meaning of ‘ethics’ and ‘misconduct’ can seem hard to pin down and even harder for organisations to get to grips with

Humanising change and preventing change fatigue

9 July 2014

Business MattersAre you suffering from change fatigue? Not sure? Here Steve Hearsum, development consultant at leadership institute, Roffey Park, looks at what change fatigue is and what you can do to avoid it.

What's stopping your team from working?

8 July 2014

Business MattersHave you ever considered what’s really stopping your team from working effectively? Here, Sue Binks, senior consultant at leadership institute, Roffey Park, takes a look at what could be affecting their performance and productivity.

Time to think about ethics in your organisation

6 July 2014

real businessAlex Swarbrick explores how organisations can address issues of ethics and misconduct.


Futureproofing through flexible working

June 2014

edge logoMichael Jenkins contributes thoughts on how being more flexible in your approach can help prepare your organisation for the future

Power Move

July/August 2014

coaching at work logoCan coaching in leadership really work?  Yes, says Roffey Park’s Tom Kenward – with trust.

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