It's always a good time to (re)discover your values

3 August 2016

hrzoneDan Lucy explores the importance of values in organisations

PR for HR

20 July 2016

changeboard logoHow do you build a strong profile or internal brand? – asks Gary Miles

Five ways to tap into employees' potential

20 May 2016

Managers need to work harder to help all staff become high achievePeople Management logors, writes Roffey Park’s Gary Miles


Roffey Park and HR Magazine research competition winners announced

20 May 2016

HR logo_OFFICIALThe winners of the HR magazine and Roffey Park research competition have been announced


Why redesigning an organisation may not be the answer

23 May 2016

HR logo_OFFICIALFocusing on redesigning organisations to embed learning or foster innovation isn’t the answer, writes Steve Hearsum

AI vs EI - the new challenge for HR

10 May 2016

changeboard logoFrom hoverboards to driverless cars, R2D2 to robotic waiters, the world of science fiction is fast becoming a reality. Gary Miles explores how this impacts on HR professionals

The Feng Shui of Organisation Design

27 April 2016

HR grapevineSimon Gott and Steve Hearsum ask is organisation design the art of (re-)arranging furniture?

Can technology postively impact work-life balance

11 April 2016

real businessThere’s no shortage of discussion in the media about the potential perils of the so called “always on” culture and not least, the part played by mobile technology in muddying of the boundaries between work and life, writes Carol Hatcher.

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