Putting the “human” back into human resources

Roffey Park’s research continually confirms that human resources are seen to be adding greater value to their organisations. But the view on just how much value, varies according to whether you talk to line managers or HR. We’ve seen business partnering give human resources professionals in many organisations the opportunity to broaden their horizons and genuinely add value to the business. But while this approach has offered the potential for greater impact, many in HR still find themselves caught up in transactional HR. Some line managers remain reluctant to take responsibility for the management of their people, some HR functions lack the resources to move operational HR work away from BPs, and some HR professionals continue to find recognition and validation in ‘sorting problems’ for managers.

In a de-layered, financially constrained public and private sector, human resources face both challenges and opportunities to shape the future of their organisations. This means creative approaches managing talent for a sustainable future, retaining employee engagement in the face of uncertain employment yet increasing workloads, maintaining productive employee relations, fostering culture change, growing flexibility and fairness in reward and recognition despite budget constraints, and developing leadership capabilities to take the organisation into the future. All that, in today’s complex and challenging environment means being a visionary leader not just for HR but, first and foremost, for the organisation; keeping the ‘human’ in human resources and shaping organisations into successful, great places to work.

At Roffey Park we have an unrivalled track record of developing not only HR professionals but OD practitioners, leaders and managers across all sectors, in the UK across Europe and in Asia Pacific.

Our development programmes for HR professionals include:

  • Enabling HR business partners to work from a new mindset and set of skills, built around a consultative approach, and drawing on the credibility to influence at a senior level and to think strategically. Our approach has been developed by our own robust, research into the Ulrich model and real life studies of organisations where business partnering has been adopted.
  • Developing and leading a strategic human resources agenda exploring key issues related to learning, business strategy, HR strategies and the challenging role of HR leaders in organisations today
  • Building HR capacity through tailored programmes across all sectors, whether through using organisational development principles or equipping HR teams with the tools and skills to ensure best practice across the organisation.

Examples of recent HR tailored programmes include:

  1. Developing the business bartner capabilities of organisations as varied as Private Health Care, Financial Services, Universities, Energy Sector and Local Authorities.
  2. Enabling a large, multi-site organisation to transition towards a shared services centre equipping those involved with the skills and confidence to make the scheme a success.  (read more)
  3. Developing OD skills and confidence amongst senior HR professionals at a FTSE 100 telecoms company.

Strategic HR and OD – the difference and the overlap. What planet are we on? Watch our recent HRD presentation by Alex Swarbrick and Caroline Stearman


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