Deepening and broadening your practice as a facilitator.

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1 - 3 February
19 - 21 July

Facilitation has become a key part of the toolkit for managers, consultants and professionals working in a wide range of organisational functions and settings. The ability to confidently lead a group in decision-making, brain-storming or problem resolution processes is invaluable in the modern business environment.

This programme is one of the longest running in-depth facilitator programmes in the UK. It has a process of evaluation and assessment built into it, around peer support and challenge, which is far more appropriate to the world of facilitation than many other programmes which rely on competency measures.

Designed to provide a rich, rewarding and challenging experience, it enables facilitators from different backgrounds to deepen their ability to work with groups in a range of settings and circumstances. It explores the nature of facilitation and group dynamics while examining different approaches to the art of facilitation. It is ideal for experienced facilitators that want to assess their style, impact, strengths and development needs, while enhancing their impact, competence and confidence.

Why should you attend this programme?

  • Identify your strengths, style, impact and areas for development and improvement as a facilitator
  • Develop the ability to facilitate a wider range of situations
  • Build the confidence to deal more courageously with the problematic and complex dynamics present within groups
  • Reflect on your abilities, impact and approaches as a facilitator with fellow practitioners

Business benefits

The tools and skills that are developed, as well as the awareness, creativity, sensitivity, authority, credibility and presence the programme engenders ensures that people who attend leave with a much greater capacity to add value to groups. In short, they become more skilled in confronting the change that is needed, with a greater capacity to challenge and support teams to make difficult quality choices.

It has been a really enjoyable 3 days – I have learned a great deal and have a lot to reflect on and take back to the workplace. I am genuinely sad to be leaving but am excited about putting into practice what I have learned.

Phil Hoskins, Barclays Bank Plc

Please note our Practical facilitation skills programme is ideal for those who are newer to the field of facilitation. To attend The art of facilitation, participants should either have attended Practical Facilitation Skills or feel confident in their core facilitation abilities. If you are in any doubt about which programme is right for you, please call the Programme Director who will be pleased to talk it through with you.