Enabling leaders to inspire, energise and find meaning.

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Part one
16-19 February
Part two
26 March
Part one
7-10 July
Part two
17 September

A critical part of the leader’s role is to inspire and energise while providing meaning and purpose. Inspired people achieve more; energised people perform better; meaning build commitment.

This programme offers an excellent experiential and practical learning opportunity where real experiences of leadership offer participants the opportunity to notice the impact of their own style on their followers and how to broaden their range, impact and effectiveness. As well as peer feedback and critical personal reflection participants are offered the latest leadership models to enable them to make choices on how to broaden their leadership style. Participants are encouraged to integrate their learning in the period between the 1st and 2nd part of the programme and engage in a leadership challenge at their place of work allowing them to put their learning into practice in their specific context, role and organisation.

Working with RP’s expert facilitators, you will explore your leadership, equipping yourself with the relevant skills, resilience and courage demanded by the modern business.

Why should you attend this programme?

  • You will become aware of your strengths and abilities and clarify your value as a leader
  • Attain a deeper understanding of your impact as a leader as well as the link between leadership and organisational success
  • Develop motivational and relationship-building skills
  • Adopt a full range of interpersonal skills and leadership styles
  • Increase the positive impact you have on the performance, motivation, job satisfaction and self-esteem of those you work alongside

Business benefits

As shown by our research, increased engagement leads to increased motivation and performance at work. By understanding and broadening your leadership style, knowing how to engage in different ways, you will be able to address both ‘task’ and ‘relationship’ at work, and therefore, your ability to tap into the talent of your people. Quite simply: you will improve to bring out the best in them.

I have genuinely learnt more about myself and feel better equipped to continue my journey as a leader.

Mark Luckins, Plan International

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Duration and fees

4 days plus 1 day follow up

£3,900 +VAT
including all tuition fees, materials, meals and acccommodation

Programme director

Programme director

David Cleeton-Watkins


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