One-day master class with Linda Holbeche

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12th October

Recent political, social, technological and economic upheavals in the UK and elsewhere have created a turbulent backdrop to the world of work. In such a context, the market-driven form of global capitalism that has prevailed since the 1980s is starting to be challenged – for example the recent push-backs on employment practices in the gig economy, and increasing industrial unrest in many sectors. Alongside this, conventional definitions of organisational effectiveness that focus solely on shareholder value, or that value efficiency over outcomes, are also being challenged – as evidenced by the shift from bottom line to triple bottom line financial reporting. With Brexit looming, these tensions will only grow.

Linda Holbeche, author of Influencing Organizational Effectiveness (Routledge, 2015), will argue that HR, consciously or not, has long been a key implementer of conventional definitions of organisational effectiveness, with HRM practices helping shape the work culture of global capitalism. She will outline the reasons why HR must now seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of shaping new definitions of organisational effectiveness, which are better aligned to the needs of modern organisations and their stakeholders. These must respond to the growing calls for a better balance of stakeholder needs; for people to have voice, better work and working lives; and for organisations to play a more active, positive role in contributing to the sustainable wellbeing of society.

Drawing on Roffey Park’s recent research into organisational effectiveness and resilience, as well as Linda’s extensive research and experience, this masterclass will help participants explore what ‘better’ might look like, and consider how they might proactively influence and advance organisational effectiveness in their contexts. The masterclass will use brief inputs, case studies, reflective questions and group discussions, to provoke participant thinking and to provide practical tools and techniques to apply in their own organisations.

By the end of the master class participants will:

  • Have explored both theoretical and personal assumptions about organisational effectiveness, and how such assumptions influence their role
  • Have considered HR’s role in organisational effectiveness,
  • Have practical hints and tips to debate organisational effectiveness within their organization, and to influence shifts in HR’s role within that

Session 1

  • Backdrop to the changing world of work
  • Global capitalism and HRM since the 1980s
  • Definitions of organizational effectiveness over that time
  • The crunch points

Session 2

  • Organisational effectiveness in the 21st century
  • Exploring new and emerging definitions
  • Implications for HR practice
  • Evidence of the shifts taking place e.g. case studies of performance management


Session 3      Advancing OE in own contexts

  • Group activity to explore specific issues in participants’ organisations
  • Plenary feedback

Session 4      Advancing personal influencing ability around the OE agenda

  • Building an agenda, building stakeholder support, making things happen – tips and examples
  • Peer coaching of individuals in trios

During the masterclass, all participants will receive a free copy of Linda’s latest book – Influencing Organizational Effectiveness.

Who for?

This masterclass is aimed at HR, L&D and OD professionals who want to explore how they can contribute to the sustainable success of people, organisations, and the communities and societies in which they operate.


Timings and fees

9 am to 4.30 pm

Fee: £299 +VAT per person

£250 +VAT (charity/education sector)